Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Approaching Week 27

Since my last post, we've gone from
an ear of corn
to a Rutabaga
to an English hothouse cucumber...

The present veggie is my favourite, mostly because it's ridiculously over descriptive... I didn't even know there was such a thing until last week.
The little guy is growing nice and lean.  It's crazy how fast pregnancy #2 has gone compared to the first one.  The O house has been pretty busy since the last post: Dom contracted a lovely cold, which meant lots of cuddling and reading.  We celebrated the Baby L, yet to come at a fun outdoor baby shower, where I learned that my son is way more happy with just the graham cracker part of the S'more.  He handed me back the whole thing after one bite, with a "Thank you, mama."  He has this thing with thanking me whenever he gives me something... it's pretty cute.

Mama brag moment:
(I have decided that all moms are entitled to brag about their child at some moments... after devoting this much time and energy into one little person, sometimes it just needs to happen.)
Dominic owns this ABC puzzle where each letter covers up a picture of something beginning with that letter, so when you lift up the letter there's an A for Apple, a U for Umbrella, H for Hands, etc.  At this point, after playing with the puzzle for a month or two, Dom has learned most of the alphabet... though he only knows each letter for what the object is underneath.

The parental units of this household are managing to keep up.  David is piled high with research work at this point, so usually several nights a week, we don't really see him,  Weekends he's gone a good 4+ hours each day.  With this happening, I decided to take the mini ones down to see my family for this past weekend.  It was a terrific break for me, as Dom's aunts and uncles were more than happy to entertain and care for him.
I have hit the tired portion of pregnancy again.  Ugh.  Right now I think this mostly can be attributed to a nasty cold that I have... napping is out as Dom thinks playing cars and reading "Pirate Piggies" is way better for my well being.  I've also developed what's known as a pregnancy tumor in my mouth... terribly gross looking, but completely harmless.  I'm set to see an oral surgeon about it being removed next week.  I was glad to find out it isn't hurting me or Baby OII, but I'm definitely over the uncomfortability of it.

And, that's where we're at.

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