Friday, October 14, 2011


My boy is dancing around the room with a spatula to random 90s dance beats.  He's pretty epic.

I'm sitting here trying to recall the fantastic lists of Dom quotes I came up with around 2am during a bout of unsleep.  This one is sorely lacking - apparently my brain works better at ungodly hours.

"Oh no!..."  More of a pre- phrase.  I've heard this applied to everything from "Oh no, Macy ate it!" to "Oh no, Mama's car is wet!" to "Oh no, I broke it!"

"What's the deal, Mama/Daddy?"  It continues and always makes me smile.

"Nice to meet you."

"Sleep like a champ, Mama"  - I have told him this every night for months, and he has recently picked up on it and returns the phrase.

In other news, my pregnancy tumor has been removed and now I have an uber sore mouth.  I've decided when I hit 26-28 weeks, I apparently am prone to the most ridiculous case of the sniffles.  Baby OII checks in as a Chinese cabbage this week despite his lack of Asian genes.

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