Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Simplify!

My house could definitely use some simplifying in several areas.  We have been considering the idea of buying a house, which would (obviously) include moving.  A scary thought.  At least to me it is.  I don't mind moving too much, but the whole packing extravaganza that must happen first somewhat terrifies me.  I've already done it several times, and it always is overly stressful.  I figure to combat as much stress as I can I should take all precautions now by attacking different areas of my house.

I saw this online challenge over on Simple Mom a few days ago.  The basic idea is during March, each week one cluttered area will be attacked.  The hot spots chosen for 2012's challenge are: kids' stuff; kitchen and/or pantry; closets, countertops, and drawers (yikes!); and Choose your own adventure.  I am so glad the hot spots were revealed in advance this year - it fits so much better with my personality.  If I'm going to plan to do something, I must have as many details as are available. The more available, the better.

Kids' stuff is a perfect first as I have to go through everything anyway to prep for the summer and see what all I need to be on the lookout to purchase at this Springs' HUGE consignment event, Weepeats, which I will be volunteering at and, of course, shopping at.  A perfect way to start a major stuff go through.  Hopefully this will include some major purging as well.

For now, check out my fancy 'Project Simplify' widget  to the left, and check back in March for my super awesome organized self de-cluttering my not so organized left.

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