Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, Monday

Hmmm, since most of my posts haven't been too personal, I thought I'd do a quick update on the actual "us" as opposed to only writing about the house, the food, and a blip here and there.

Dom has almost completely recovered from his crazy skin rash - note to others: scratching eczema and dry skin patches is a horrible idea; bacteria can be introduced under the skin way too easily. At this point, he's still bathing daily Now it's only once, which is so much better than twice; Dom had gotten to the point where he'd cry when it was bathtime, which was sad since he's always loved the bath. Lotion is also a must and is still having to be applied 3-4 times daily. He itches occasionally, but at least his joyful little self is back.

So a new Dominic thing is that he has started developing extreme fears.  It's been an interesting thing to parent through these - learning how to react, and deciding when to explain, comfort, or let it slide. He's completely paranoid by a wooden tree with moving eyes at the Museum of Play and by Frank, the super angry tractor in Cars. I told him we need not talk about things that scare him, so now he'll say, "Let's not talk about Frank. He's too scary. He's an angry tractor. Remember Ramone? Let's talk about Ramone instead." And we do. It's adorable and at the same time wild how grown-up his sentences are.

And then there's Blaise. My baby boy is 8 weeks old today! Wow, time flies faster on the second child - I can't even imagine what it's like on the third and so forth. Blaise continues to be a chill little man. He has put himself onto a fairly regular schedule, which has been so nice. His little smile, with two adorable dimples above it, shows itself more and more often, and a few times a day will erupt into a giggle. When awake, his bright blue eyes are extremely focused on the world around him. He's found his hands and always has them near his face, not unlike both times we saw him in utero via ultrasound. I'm so excited to see more and more of his little personality develop.

David heads back to class tomorrow, so life will start to pick up again. We still are planning some fun family things into our schedule though including a visit to see extended family to see my siblings (well, four of them anyway) kick some serious butt in a ballet production of Copelia. We'll also be taking the boys to their first parade. Dom is already looking forward to the firetrucks. Of course.

And that is that. I'm presently still adjusting to the time switch. The boys adjusted just fine and were both up before 8 this morning. Ugh. Hopefully tomorrow they can make it til 8. So good night and I'll post more later.

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