Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Simplify! :: Week 1 - Kid's Stuff

Today begins the Project Simplify challenge (I guess it's a challenge?) over at Simple Mom.  This week is the attack of the Kid's stuff.  *Key dramatic music*  Thankfully, I actually don't think this will be that hard.   Exciting and refreshing, yes.  The hardest part will be working around Dom and his naptime.  I always get the most done at naptime, but I obviously won't be doing anything in his room during that time, so I'll have to get creative with my time.

Here is my list of 'To-dos' as it stands now:
  • Switch out clothes (bigger sizes for B, clear out what doesn't fit for D)
  • Go through all clothes not being worn, including the ones in attic and purge
  • Go through toys + books, and get rid of excess
  • Reorganize what goes where with toys + books
  • Hang any wall art in boys' room that hasn't managed to make it onto the walls
As of right now I think that completes my hopes for the week.  I spent the weekend catching up on any housework that got waylaid over the sick week, so hopefully I can get all this and more done this week. 

Also, I did take before pictures... I shall try to get them up before it's time to take after pictures. 

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