Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Simplify :: Week 2 - Pantry + Fridge

This week's Project Simplify challenge focusses on the Pantry and the Fridge. This week I fully intend to embrace the organizing fully (and post pictures) because I super, super want the prize. If completed by Saturday, with photos submitted to Simple Mom, participants are entered to win one of ten copies of Joy the Baker's newly released cookbook.  I pretty much need to win, so there you go. I shall ideally be more motivated to not forget to upload pictures this week.

As my fridge has been cleaned out thoroughly twice in the past 3 months, I am going to go all gung-ho on the pantry instead.  For me, this includes the counter as I keep a collection of mason jars (half of them still waiting for filler) for food storage on the counter.

Here's a few things I know I want to tackle:

  • organize my katrillion loosely floating recipes
  • reorganize dry foods and fill up empty mason jars
  • get rid of any kitchen gear that we haven't used in the past year (or 2 for some items)
  • organize the crazy pantry shelves (mostly ze baking shelf.  yeeps.)

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