Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Simplify :: Week 3 - Closets, Countertops, + Drawers

Hots spots for this week's Project Simplify challenge are: Closets, Countertops, and Drawers; in other words: "all the places you can stow away crap."Oh dear. I know I have lots to do this week, and this time I only have 4 days to do it. I'll mostly be focussing on my desk, and business and craft area. The two pictures are of my visible mess... you don't even want to see inside the drawers.  

So, to do list for this week:
  • Clean up desk top and organize all business papers
  • Go through file box and clear out/archive older paper, and overall neaten
  • Reorganize shelves
  • Clear out desk/file cabinet so business can be in it
  • Reorganize my dresser with the hiding powers (it is a rescued dresser that I use to keep craft stuff in)

And go, week 3!

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