Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Simplify :: Week 4 - Choose Your Own Adventure

Last week's Project Simplify challenge did not happen. I attempted a cleaning of my desk several times, and every time I did, something else came up. I think after this week is up, I might attack that area of the house again, but last week it was becoming too stressful. And sometimes I think it's better to drop things than get more stressed out over something that is supposed to be good.

It mostly didn't happen because...

We went southwards this past weekend, mostly to see the above (sorry the photo is dark... it was crazy dark inside) and three of my other siblings perform in the ballet production of 'Coppelia.' It was so much fun to watch my younger siblings continue to excel in their dreams and dance alongside NYC Ballet dancers. The weekend sped by with very, very little sleep for all of us. Neither of our boys slept well during the night, so both David + I were also greatly lacking in rest. Below you'll see Dom finally sleeping... on the way home.

And now for this week's challenge: Choose Your Own Adventure. I think my adventure will be more than adventurous enough. I'm planning to attack my clothes/dresser area, and if I have time move on to my closet as well. The picture below shows just how scary it is at the moment, and why it makes the perfect "adventure" to finish off my 4 weeks of organizing with. Scary, right? I don't think I've done much with this ever growing pile since B was born... well, I did put away any maternity clothes that were out. But that's about it. I'm planning to get rid of anything I haven't worn in the past year or that I don't enjoy wearing. Because really, what's the point of keeping it?

Oh, and I hope to find the top of my dresser this week, too, in organizing my jewelry and other accessories.

Here's to cleaner rooms!

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  1. um.....i would like to go through your pile of "i don't wear this anymore...." - just saying. :)


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