Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Simplify - Wk 1 Wrap Up

So, as you'll remember, last Monday was the start-up of Project Simplify, a challenge bandwagon which I jumped onto.  You probably have noticed that although last week is up, I never did post any photos of part in this challenge. That would be because I am just now getting them off my camera.  This week photos shall come via the Ipod.  Then I have no excuse for getting them up.

Here's a peek at before.  Note the ridiculous amount of clothes coming out of the bins in Photo #1.  I didn't end up getting to the area in Photo #2 much... maybe this week that can be an additional attack area.


I'll say I was mostly successful this past week.  I did get much of what I wanted to done; however, there's still quite a bit left.  The attic now has an additional 3 boxes full of stuff we're selling at Weepeats in a month-ish.  There are also several bags waiting to be dragged to Goodwill or the local CPC.  The big boy bed has officially joined the boys' room though we haven't begun the transition to actually sleeping in it (one day at a time...).  That made for a lot of reorganizing as the floor space in the room is now practically non-existent.  Right now it feels cramped, but hopefully that is partially my getting used to the whole new look and layout.  

 And here's a peek at after. Please ignore the horrible color temperature of the room.  I just wanted to get these up, and I didn't take time to edit it.  It is now definitely a two boy room and still needs a little work, but at least it is farther along than it was a week ago.

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