Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Simplify - Wk 2 Wrap Up

And success! Here's a look at what my pantry and kitchen counter storage looked like on Monday. I accomplished what I wanted to with cleaning it up and organizing, always a great feeling. There wasn't tons to do, but it was nice to go through every single thing in my pantry to take note of what we own, and have overstock of. I discovered ridiculous amounts of oregano and parsley, enough that now friends will be getting gifts of dried herbs. Not pictured is the other part of our pantry, which stores dishes, plastic storage, some canned goods, pans, wine glasses, and other randomness. I went through that as well, and ended up clearing out a bunch of our children's eating-ware. 

The mason jars, shown below, are only empty because we're out of the particular dried good we store there. Raw sugar and green lentils are missing below. But I did make use of every single jar we own. I still have a few organizing gestures I plan to make. I want to start recycling some glass jars from jarred sauces and salsas to reuse as further storage. Then I want to find some fun lighter colored washi tape to label each jar and my spice jars as well. 

Annnnnd, this week I am also uploading the photos in a timely matter, so I can actually enter the contest over at Project Simplify.

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