Friday, March 16, 2012

The Weekly Capture V

Sunny days. Sunglasses an obvious must.
A Sweet Moment
During our outing to the zoo this week, we passed the wolf exhibit on our way out of the zoo. Dom noticed that 2 of the wolves were napping on logs. He ran over to the fence surrounding their cage, and laid his head on the wooden beam closest to the ground, declaring he was "napping just like the wolf brothers."

"I do not overreach myself, for I too have my part to play with 'those whom he has called to himself and predestined' to teach the gospel in the midst of considerable persecutions 'as far as the ends of the earth,' even if the enemy reveals his true envy through the tyranny of Coroticus, who fears neither God nor the priests whom he has chosen and to whom he has given the highest divine power, namely that 'those whom they bind on earth are bound in heaven.'"          St. Patrick

FortySomething - A British show starring Hugh Laurie. Haven't decided yet whether or not I'd recommend it...

50 Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids [No Time for Flash Cards]
50 Fantastic ABC Books [No Time for Flash Cards]

Looking Forward To
Getting out tonight with some great ladies to enjoy some yummy food (and wine), wear fancy clothes, and leave the wee ones at home.

8 Things I'm Thankful For

  • the lovely weather
  • tasty Indian recipes
  • 2 full weeks of sticking to the menu plan
  • homemade laundry detergent
  • fresh + hot coffee ready every day for me courtesy of my sweet (and manly) husband
  • game nights with friends
  • letters from my baby sister
  • a healthy boy that is 2 months old today!

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