Monday, April 9, 2012

A lovely Easter weekend.

What a great family weekend we had. Two of my younger brothers joined us for the celebrating (one was in town visiting, and the other lives here, but we were glad to share the time with both of them!). Thursday and Friday nights we had mass, and then Saturday we went on a Bunny Hunt, where we found, and pet, bunnies instead of a crazy trampling in pursuit of eggs. Dom finished the Hunt up with a complimentary cookie from the local farm that was hosting the event.

Once home, we dyed some eggs, attempting some new artsy attempts, including the use of hose, unused, of course, rubber bands, and flowers, leaves, and other shrubbery. Some turned out prettier than others, but I now have some ideas to better our eggs for next year. I also plan to not be lazy next year and do natural dyes instead of the weirdly fizzy tablets. They did their job this year though, and I think the most fun Dom had was the dropping of the pellets into the water/vinegar mixture. He dropped the red and green into the same glass producing intakes of breath from both his parents, but it turned out to be the most beautiful color of all - a lovely mauve-purple color.

Bacon. That's how Easter Sunday began. After a LONG Lent with no meat, we thought that the best way to start it off. It was delicious. We paired that deliciousness with sticky buns and chocolate. Healthy, right? Oh, and we drank milk to ease the sugar and fat overload into our bellies.

Baskets were thrifted and decorated with recycled ribbons in a green attempt. I couldn't muster up the umph to spend the money to get EcoEggs, though I do think they sound like a great product. Dom's basket was hidden with a plastic egg trail to it. The hiding of the basket is a tradition from my family, and I love having traditions so that was one to be added to our list. I attempted a somewhat healthy basket (see photo at top), including Annie's bunny snacks and some Wegmans fruit twists alongside the requested M & Ms. Also included was a Rhino from Anamalz, a favorite company in our house. I happened to hit a 60% off sale on EcoBabyBuys and managed to snag it pretty cheap. And, he got his big boy bible, so he has his own he can carry along to church each Sunday.

Mass was next - Dom was thrilled that we added back in the "Hallelujah" as that's his favorite part. We managed to grab a family picture, which is an almost never here since I am always on the other side of the camera. Maybe I'll get a peek of that hilarity uploaded later this week...

We snuck in a quick egg hunt in our yard for the boy before he went crazy and crashed from chocolate overload. Chinese food was lunner (dinch?) as we [obviously] needed more meat and due to the fact that we also refrained from eating out during Lent, it made sense to order out, with the plus side of no dishes. A game of Puerto Rico and some Firefly rounded off our thoroughly relaxing day.

All in all, a lovely family-filled weekend celebrating our Lord's Resurrection!

"O death, where is your sting? O Hell, where is your victory? 
O Church, come stand in the Light! 
The Glory of God has defeated the night!"                       
Matt Maher 'Christ is Risen'

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  1. LOVE that song... and we call it "linner" ;P hehe. happy belated Easter dear *huggs*


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