Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Product Love: Coconut Oil

Wow. Oh wow. We have [somewhat] recently begun what I think will be a lifelong relationship with coconut oil.  Let me start by saying, Dom has probably the worst skin I've ever seen on a child. He has the lovely combo of D's ridiculously dry skin paired with my overly sensitive skin. So, to protect against the dry skin, we are always having to slather him in some sort of lotion, run a humidifier in his room at all times, never let him stay in the bath more than 10 minutes, and so forth. Then, as we've found at the hard way, he's been allergic to several lotion brands, including Burt's Bees - which surprised me due to it being so natural. But, sure enough, within 24 hours of rubbing it into his skin, the boy broke out in a bumpy, itchy, red rash all over his little body.

Thus said, we've experimented right and left with all kinds and brands of lotions. As one of our green resolutions, we've made a point to start weeding out our chemical laden bath and body products, so that has definitely limited our choices. I'd heard on some random blog at some random point in my life that coconut oil was basically a magic elixir. I mean, this post pretty much said it could heal, help, or protect against anything. I was a little skeptical when I had first read that, but when looking for something that might work, I remembered that coconut oil was supposed to be healing for eczema.

So, I bought a tub. (I found ours at the ever amazing Wegmans, but if you aren't privileged to have a grocery store with a great natural foods section, Amazon also has it). And, we loved it. It's a little weird the first few times you rub down your child's entire body with oil, but Dom's skin improved so much. And, as an added perk, he also smelled lovely. I also ended up using it on my dry, rough, winter hands, which also took on a softer nature. I can't say I was as diligent with that, but the few times I did use it on my hands, it left my hands feeling wonderful.

With that being said, obviously for skin purposed, we found coconut oil to be a perfect addition to our rigorous skin regiment. You can rub it on in it's solid state, and as it melts at 76 degrees, it will absorb easily as you smooth it into your skin. We also found for Dom's full body coverage, we could pre-melt it by placing the whole jar (closed, of course!) into a bowl of hot water.

As it's a food product, there are many, many ways coconut oil can be used in relation to food, none of which I've tried yet, but I hope to one day!

I haven't tried it for the following, but I've heard that...

  • it makes an excellent diaper rash cream
  •  it works on cradle cap (probably will try this one tomorrow!)
  • it protects as a low SPF sunscreen
  • it removes eye make-up
  • it doubles as a face and hand moisturizer - makes sense...
  • and combined with other products, it can make an all natural deodorant!
I highly recommend trying it out! It's amazing how things God gave us in creation are so perfect at fixing and healing problems that we, as humans, have attempted to solve with chemical mixtures. We've loved the Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which I honestly picked because that was the only one the store had in stock when we went, but I've also heard great things about the Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil brand.

Good luck with all your skin care! I hope you love coconut oil as much as we have learned to. 

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  1. I've gotta try this! Benjamin's eczema is so dreadful, the poor little man.

    1. Do, do! It's so great! Also, for eczema, I highly recommend BabyGanics Bye Bye Dry lotion - all natural, not too super pricey, and has done wonders for my boy's crazy dry skin.

  2. we have the Nutiva brand around here, and hubby loves it. we also already have it on hand for future diaper rashes and cradle cap ;)

    1. Awesome - good to hear yet another good review on Nutiva. I'll keep that on the "good brand to purchase" list if I ever cannot come by the Nature's Way.
      Do you ever find it worth it to buy in bulk? We only buy the small size right now.


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