Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Capture XX

Daddy + Dom at the new lion exhibit at our zoo.

My nights have been a blur as of late, which has in turn let my days run one into the next. I am sitting at my desk trying to recall at least a few things that happened this week, and I can barely remember anything. Blaise's sleeping has been a wreck, which translates as my sleeping has been nonexistent. This weekend should be fun, but not as restful as I'd like with 3 BBQs filling up our time. It's that time of year though, and as I'm not hosting any of them, I cannot complain about the timing. Plus, hopefully that equals less dishes and food prep mess at our house.
So, our week wraps up. The boys are cute as ever, growing and learning new things as always. Here's to hoping I can recall more for next week.

Quotes from the Dom
"I'm just going to go Rock the Casbah." (So proud of this moment. I think I've had some success as a parent though I for sure share this one equally with David).

Blaise-eroo updates
Sitting! Sitting,.. and over. Mr. B decided to start sitting on Monday, and every day he's sat a little bit longer. No teeth yet, BUT Mama decided to share some avocado the other day, and he's somewhat of a fan.

Quote found
"No one and nothing can harm us, child, except what we fear and love."
       Sigrid Undset from Kristin Lavransdatter Part I: The Wreath

I have begun the 2nd book in the Kristin Lavransdatter series and am about halfway. Loving this whole trilogy, even at just the halfway point. I cannot to read the rest and see how the whole thing wraps up.

Trying out a few new mystery authors... still on the lookout for some more if anybody wants to share their favorites.

Awesome-est Find Ever

I scored myself one of the above off of Craigslist yesterday for $40. Oh AND they threw this in as well: Keekaroo Cafe Booster - Chocolate
Definitely the find of the week. So excited for Blaise to sit up, so he can start using it... I might just put Dom in it for now though.

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