Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Capture XXI

Blaise was 6 months old this week!

We've officially started potty training - taking it slow and letting the boy lead as of now. I'm a little scared about it all though eventually it has to happen, right? The deed happens about once a day at this point, and he refuses to poop in the potty, instead choosing to take his daily "privacy moment" in the comfort of his bedroom as he plays trains. Logic doesn't line up with mama's thinking at all... if you know when you're ready to poop, why are we still doing it in a diaper?
The teeny man is sticking right along the 75% curve for height, weight, and head size. Not quite as big as Dom was, but a healthy sized boy all the same. Gums look painful to me, but he has yet to poke any pearly whites out. Sleeping is getting more and more non-existent... ugh. For both B and me. Thus, the training to sleep in his own bed shall have to commence soon. You know, as soon as I have enough energy to even think about that in the middle of the night.
Oh well. Looking forward to some family time this weekend. And perhaps some rest? After we berry pick, make jam, mop some floors, scour the bathroom, and some. Scratch the rest. I don't foresee it...

Pooped out after a crazy morning

Quotes from the boy
Dom has been declaring his friendship for certain friends (Macy) - and that was before she shared the construction site in front of her house - as well as stating that his little brother is a good baby. 
He's all about the 'good' these days... he recalled to his daddy the other day as they were snuggling before bedtime: "I had a good day... I played." 

The boy's favorite for this week (we read it *at least* twice a day and have been all week):

I've wrapped up a couple "ok" mysteries, the 2nd book of the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy (moving on to the 3rd now), and just checked out the The Penderwicks on Gardam Street, the sequel to The Penderwicks, which I enjoyed immensely. 

Quote found
"To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark."
          Victor Hugo

Cooking + Baking
Sweet Potato Burgers (including some sweet potatoes for the teeny one)

Links recommended 
Anatomy of a Mother :: Tales from a Gypsy Mama
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How to Cook with Bacon Grease :: Mama + Baby Love
19 Car & Truck Crafts for Kids :: No Time for Flashcards

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