Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Capture XXVII

Jeepers, it sure has been AWHILE.  This can actually be called a monthly wrap up at this point since my last post was this one back in August. It was a long month, but we're finally settling into "not summer" time. David's several weeks into his 3rd to last class of his Masters, we finally sold our jeep (my baby from college days that had around 270,000 miles on it), we've gone through some hard things, but we get up again. I'm attempting to focus on the today. And maybe tomorrow - my planning streak is too much a part of my personality to drop it completely. Yesterday or the past week, month, etc might have been so much less than I hoped for, but I try to remember it's not worth my time to focus on that.

This past month we've managed to stick within 45 minutes of home, and it has been lovely. As much as I love adventure and travel, after August's (out of town with spurts of being at home for 4-7 day blips in between), I couldn't be happier to just spend time in our house cuddling up on the couch for chilly mornings, working on some looming projects, and all in all welcoming in my favorite season of all.

We're exploring a little bit what homeschooling might look like for our family. Dom is not 3 til December, so formality and scheduling is nowhere near strict right now, but I want to use this year to see what works well for his personality and mine as well. Thus far, it's been a wonderful month of lots of reading (no surprise there!), several exploratory crafting/activity experiences, and a few "field trips" throughout.

So without further ado, a little weekly capture. To be noted: the word 'week' to maybe possibly encompass the whole flippin' month.

Out of the mouth of Dom
"Mater put him there!" Nothing like blaming your cars...

"Mama, you can't dance while I eat dinner."
"Who says?"
"God and Jesus."

"I'm playing wennis!"
"What?! Oh... I think you mean tennis."

To Blaise: "Mama loves you even when you're whiney."

Blaise-boy Updates
Growing like a champ, like he should. He's not so interested in belly time, which accounts for his lack of movement. At least that's what this mama is blaming it on. He's a chatterbox in his own time. Often he's quiet, but when he does talk, he covers a variety of noises. I'm proud to say his first word that he correctly associated was "Mama." He's since signed 'more' and generally makes to "fold" his hands when we pray. Food wise he eats so much. I have enjoyed baby-led weaning ever so much more - fun and freeing. More on that another time.

Listening to
Fun. . (So hard to put punctuation after the name of a band that has a period in its title). We sing Some Nights all the time in our house. My biggest disappointment today followed my most exciting moment today. Found out Fun. was coming to RIT (15 min from my house!) and tickets were $18. Found out 5 minutes later tickets have been on sale for awhile and are completely sold out. Poo.
Spotify will have to suffice for now.
Shoot - even their cover of Call Me Maybe is good:

Links recommended
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Organizing Your Homemade Cleaners and Supplies :: Green Your Way (you can see my mind has been on greening up my cleaning)
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