Thursday, November 15, 2012

6 Points of Slapdashery

Edit: Mama brain on full force today... named this '6 points...' and then you'll see there are 7. 

I have a random spiel of information circling through my head at any given moment. Just ask my husband - I can barely get through a 5 minute conversation without being reminded of something else and taking the talk in another direction. It's slightly crazy (Am I the only one? Anybody else feel like their head has way too much randomness in it?)
In lieu of that I am going to try to share 6 random finds/creations/discoveries each week, so you, too, can join in my madness.

Mason jars are an excellent way to transport beverages for kiddos. We went to dinner last weekend and needed milk for Dom - he insists it's part of each and every dinner, but my in-laws don't drink it. So, into the mason jar (a jelly jar for this occasion) went some milk, and spill it did not.

I am so excited about this ridiculously cute stuffed creature I just bought for B's 1st birthday! (Can't believe he's getting close to a year... see, another rabbit trail! I'm doomed.)

Cutest guy ever, right???  I've been staring at him for a few months, and finally went ahead and ordered it. See more like it in Bijou Kitty's Etsy shop.

I was a little overzealous this year in completing Christmas/birthday gift shopping early and in a timely manner. Now I'm a little sad that I have maybe 3 items left to buy and still over a month til Christmas... poo for being super organized this year. 

In other handmade goody news, check out this shop that features Magnetic Saint sets : Magnetic Catholic. My boy would be in love with this St. George set:

I am a pom-pom making extremist. Got these nifty tools (Clover Extra Small Pom Pom Maker) awhile back, and I finally put them to good use this past weekend making 30+ red pom poms that I transformed into a garland for...

THE LUMBERJACK PARTY that we are throwing in honor of Dom's 3rd birthday. Party is Saturday, and I still have a lot to do... I am attempting to encompass most of our family's philosophies into it all (handmade, simple, less is more, reusable, books/stories, and eco-friendly). Hopefully I will have an epic post next week if I pull it all off.

Lastly, a tip I heard on Facebook a few days ago... and by heard, I suppose 'read' would be a more appropriate term. I am anxious to give this idea a try, so just know that it has not been tested by me as of yet. Tip: If you're out of bittersweet chocolate baking squares, instead substitute 3 TB cocoa powder mixed with 1 TB coconut oil for every 1 ounce chocolate called for. Melt oil, and stir together to create paste. Tada!

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