Thursday, November 29, 2012

6 Points of Slapdashery

Sticking to 6 this week

Did you know mayo removes tree sap? Yup, weird, but tried and true way to get the sticky goop off your hands. Give them a lotion like experience until you smell like an egg salad, and then wash. Weirdly works. To be noted, it was the husband, not I, who had to slather up with condiments.

I'm pretty sure there's a blog post eater out somewheres in the ether. I know I have added to this list as I've thought of things... then I come back, and I, once again, am back at 1. It's like that not-so-wonderful 90s song:

My sister (one of them), brothers, and I have been reminiscing lately over 90s/early 00s tunes. There were some zany tunes, ridiculous, yet sometimes still pretty awesome. You know: Sk8er Boi, Blue (Da Ba Dee), and such.

Found these awesome mobiles by Etsy artist, A Continual Lullaby. So much fun, and she picked some of my favorite children's tales to replicate.


I've been masquerading as an eskimo lately. Seriously though, my winter coat is epic. $30/bag sale at one of my favorite vintage stores last spring is definitely paying off! (Photo, you say? Perhaps later.)

{6} Some days coffee is more than a must. And some days round 2 of coffee needs to come sooner. Sooner, as in before I go stealing my husband's super warm + comfy flannel shirts and making weird faces to be shared with the interwebs.

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