Saturday, November 10, 2012

Visual Recap :: October

So, here is October in photos (with a few November thrown in for good measure)

Aunt Rach came for a whole week. SO much fun.

Then we headed south (ish) to surprise Grandpa (my dad) for his 50th
and we got to hang with the aunts and uncles some

and take crazy graduation photos of this guy

Blaise became a master at dumping whatever he could scoot his butt over to

And he decided carrots were his favorite teething device.

The man + I made it out on two (!) major dates: 
One - canoeing on the Erie Canal (as you can see das hubband 
paddles while I take photos - it's kinda how our life works)

AND the man also scored us tickets to an epic and fun concert.
Literally fun.  =)

B avoids crawling still, but is all for sliding around 
and managing to get stuck in silly places.

Took the boys to vote. The above is an attempt to show that. 
The blue over in the bottom left is the sticker.

My boy and I at his *1st* play ever. =) Such a fun date!

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