Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Capture XXVIII

So these cuties have kept me on my toes, enough so that this so called "weekly update" should probably be renamed to be a monthly update. I am determined to keep this truly short, so I am more likely to actually share new news with you once again next week. I feel the less time I spend throwing this together, the higher the likelihood that I want to type another. So, onward ho!

Out of the mouth of Dom:
"Mama, when I am a man, I'm need to have a camera and a beard."

David: "Who gave you to Mama + Daddy?"
Dom: "God did!... And then he sprayed out all the stink!"
David: "Who? God did?"
Dom: "No! The garbage truck did."
David: "Ohhhh. Did not realize we were switching gears."

"Mama, when you're older, you can have a cape. But you can't be a matador, you're not a boy.
Blaise, *you* can be a matador when you grow up!"

"Mama, you are one smart dude."

Oh, and in Dom news - he has fully potty trained himself (including naps + nighttime!). I don't know what I was panicking about... so much for all the pent up worry.

Blaise-boy Updates
He is semi-mobile. I say this, because, although not properly crawling, this boy has muscle in them arms! He pulls himself about the house with just arm power, and sometimes will sit and scoot using his arms to propel him along. Still only tooth in the mouth of this one. Where the heck the rest are, who knows??? He is a lover of Baby Led Weaning (a post on that in the future), and takes after his Daddy in his love of winter squash and sweet potatoes. Oh and peas, peas are his all time favorite. His vocabulary is slowly growing. He says "Dada" and has been attempting what we believe to be "Dom." The boy adores the great outdoors and is enamored with crunchy leaves (has test tasted several as well as just smooshing them). He gives kisses few and far between (I can proudly say I'm the receiver of over 90% of them), but he also loves on people by giving them a good ol' fashioned head bonking. It's mostly adorable, and only partly painful at times. 
All in all, Blaise is making crazy strides in growth, in every aspect. I love watching my boys interact and grow closer in friendship as they are now able to play several ways together.

Listening to
So remember last month when I heard about a Fun concert, followed quickly by hearing it was sold out. Wellllll, my amazing husband searched out a pair of tickets, and last weekend that is where we were. It was such a fun show, and I've now been in the throws of another week of Fun. obsession.

This is by far my favorite song by them. It was written about the lead singer's parents. Love it.

And as a wrap, also watch this insanity:

Found this via House Unseen, Life Unscripted, which is a blog worth reading. =) Enjoy.

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