Friday, December 14, 2012

6 Points if Slapdashery

That Stash Holiday Chai Tea I was sipping on while typing up this post on Peace the other day is truly amazing. It's like December in a cup.

Learning to crawl with attempts to stand up for the B boy has led mama to find a patron saint for head injuries. Nothing too serious, just too frequently was the noggin whacking into things. So, Blessed John Licci was called upon.

Can I just say how much it bothers me that retailers use the 12 Days of Christmas to make excuses for sales leading *up* to Christmas? You'd think their research departments would look up the history of what (and when) the 12 Days are. There, said it.

My birthday is next week, and this is the first time in a long time that I don't actually have a specific "wish" in mind. Still a few days to think...

{5} Bathtime is now a frequent happening for Mr. "I-think-avocado-banana-food-in-general-makes-a-terrific-mousse." He loves the extra bathing time. Mama not so much.

{6} Who knew allowing Dom to add cars to his playdough would make both activities THAT much more exciting. He's entertained himself for about an hour several times this week. It's a tiny taste of Heaven for this mama.

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