Thursday, December 20, 2012

6 Points of Slapdashery

First off, go check out the new Facebook page, and ' like' it if you would. I need to get to 40 likes in order to use all the perks of being a page manager. Zankes.

Just got asked this morning by my boy if I was a nun.

Perhaps we need to re-explain that one better.

I keep getting invited to very random Pinterest boards. While super flattered, I'm not sure how I could help the Texan Parents board. I'm sure it's a wonderful place and all, but I've only been to Texas once, and I was 11. Hmm, a little confused here.


On a Pinterest note, I found this recipe the other day for Bacon Gruyere Stuffed French Toast. Yummy, I think yes. I'm typically a fan of any sort of French toast, so why not go the more savory note?

A friend of mine just started an Etsy shop: Toddler Hats - go check it out, pin some items, heart something, you know, give it some online love. =)

I'm pretty sure today shall be full of cries of "Ack Boogers! Get em!" from one son whilst oozes of slime run down the other's face. Oh the joys of sick babies.

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