Saturday, December 1, 2012

Goodbye Year 2 of Dom

My little boy is 3 today. Please take a moment to laugh over and enjoy his hilarious quotes from this past year. He's a ham, that boy is. And we love him like crazy!


I went in to get D up from his nap...

I told him, "Guess who's coming to play tomorrow?"  (His friend, Macy, is coming over)
He stared at me.
I said "It's your friend that we saw at the zoo today"
Dom: "Ohhhhh.
The tiger?"

"Let's not talk about Frank. He's too scary. He's an angry tractor. Remember Ramone? Let's talk about Ramone instead."

David to Dom, referring to Blaise: "He's your best friend."
Dom: "Well, he's putting goop on me."

Heard from the double bed in which Dominic was supposed to be asleep:
"I'm asleep now."  "I'm a really big, giant caterpillar." 

"I'm just going to go Rock the Casbah." 

"No Blaise! This is *my* cheesestick. Don't look at it. You cannot have these yet."
"Mama, can I have a little snack before breakfast?" [making a cute face with a little smirk and rolling his eyes to the side- sorry, this might be a weird description if you don't see him often]
"What were you thinking?"
"Goldfish. You know - the crackers that crack open."

Me: "Are you going to make a huge mess?"
Dom: "Um, no. I'm going to make a tiny mess."

"After breakfast I will have some fruit. And then maybe some chocolate."

"Daddy washed my special cup because he's a strong man, and we like him. I call him 'Daddy-pants,' and he calls me 'Dominic-pants.'"

"It's not smelling time! It's playing time."
"Mama, you can't dance while I eat dinner."
"Who says?"
"God and Jesus."

 "I'm playing wennis!"
"What?! Oh... I think you mean tennis."

"Mama, when I am a man, I'm need to have a camera and a beard."

David: "Who gave you to Mama + Daddy?"
Dom: "God did!... And then he sprayed out all the stink!"
David: "Who? God did?"
Dom: "No! The garbage truck did."
David: "Ohhhh. Did not realize we were switching gears."

As I pulled a shirt over his head, "Dom, your head is huge!"
"I know. It's from eating all those muffins."

"Mama, when you're older, you can have a cape. But you can't be a matador, you're not a boy.
Blaise, *you* can be a matador when you grow up!"

"It's like Wegmans, but it's Canadian." - in reference to another grocery store that, by the way, was not Canadian

"Mama, you are one smart dude."

Me (to David): "You're going to be..."
David: "28."
Me: "You're going to be 28."
Dominic (with his impeccable timing): "Lame!!!"

To Blaise: "Mama loves you even when you're whiney."

Happy Birthday my big, 3 year old boy!

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