Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wrapping Up November + What's On Our Bookshelf

November is over and done with, and here we are, nearly a week into December. November was super crazy here at the blog, or at least this past week has been. Technically speaking, I guess it was half December. In the past, I've always been happy when I get ten hits in one day (and super happy with twenty!). Over the past four days, this blog has been averaging over 100 hits a day! Wow, thanks folks! I have been surprised and excited to see so many hits, repins on Pinterest, mentions in other blogs, and so forth. It's a little overwhelming since this blog has mainly been read, as far as I can tell, by people I know. Hoorah for new readers though, and welcome!

In wrapping up November, I wanted to share a few books that have been favourites on our shelf this past month. I've been seriously slacking in my reading, so these shall all be off our kiddo shelf. The following have been read so many times a that Dom is "reading" them from memory.

Can I just say how I've never been disappointed Tomie's books? Although I think a few of his books are over my guy's head, every single one is entertaining, beautifully illustrated, and one I'm willing to reread a million times. This has definitely made our list of top books. A tale of a saint I'd never yet heard of, this book tells of Pascual, a man loved by God, who wanted to serve the poor. He went to a monastery to join and offer his service, and was employed as the cook. Problem being? He can't cook! God sends help in a most unusual form. A great read depicting God's faithfulness and providence in even the littlest ways.

The Bravest Knight by Mercer Mayer
This book was perfect for my little, imagination driven, knights + dragon loving boy. I'm sure a girl would enjoy this tale as well, but for a boy - how could you not? The storyline follows a boy who wishes he lived a thousand years ago... follow along for his adventures with unexpected twists leaving him thankful for his life. It's different in a ridiculous many ways, but I can't help comparing it to Where the Wild Things Are.

Earl the Squirrel by Don Freeman
Since posting this gem in my Autumn Reads for Preschoolers list, I think I've read it a katrillion times. Repetition, repetition. In any way, it has still proved the test of being entertaining as well as a lovely tale of learning independence, but not in too pushy of a way. I like the way it shows responsibility, both in completing tasks, as well as in learning from mistakes. My only wish is that maybe his non-listening incident wasn't rewarded. That part is not really dwelt on, but it does make me imagine other scenarios each time I read it. Otherwise, though, it's a great addition to our nightly pile!

Rubbaduck and Ruby Roo by Hiawyn Oram + illustrated by David Lucas
The art in this is so different for a children's book, but quite interesting. Dom is fascinated by how the whole "world" is drawn out in the first and last pages, and he eagerly looks for each place mentioned in the story. A tale of two unlikely friends and how their different personalities are finally able to work together to coexist merrily, this story is sweet and in term's of a rewarding nature, Rubbaduck's constant forgiveness is a sweet quality.

The Party by David McPhail
This book is hard to find to purchase - we found it at the library, so hopefully yours has it. It tells of a boy whose father falls asleep during the bedtime stories, as many a father might, and then the imagination goes wild. I love tales (as you might be able to tell from The Bravest Knight review) where the children's imaginations are vivid and exploratory, but still have some dose of reality to tie the child back to this world and its actuality. This story does that as well. Another great one to try and find.

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  1. We love the Bravest Knight! It needs to find its way to our regular shelf!

    1. It is a great one - we need it on our regular shelf, too! Glad you've found it as well. =)


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