Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Capture XXXIII

Some beautiful weather this day gave us an afternoon at the park. So much fun though apparently we were the only ones brave enough to play in the still 30s weather. We also made what I hope will be an annual trip while we are in the Rochester area to the George Eastman House, a local landmark and one of my favorite places. They have a Holiday special exhibit featuring Gingerbread houses made by groups from all over the area. Dom was super impressed with the Goldilocks + 3 Bears set up as well as the many trains. We've enjoyed our Advent weeks (check out many wonderful posts on Advent observances on the HolyDays Link Up). We completely missed this past week's Feast Days. St. Lucy's Day (the 13th) I had great plans for, but we ended up just reading her story at breakfast and lighting extra candles as we did our Advent devotions at dinnertime. Maybe we'll make a cake next year. This Sunday, we're getting ready to light our Rose Candle along with the decorating of our Christmas tree as we celebrate Gaudete Sunday. 

Out of the mouth of Dom
After leaving George Eastman House, Dom told me, "Mama, thanks for taking me here. It was super fun." [pause] "I'm so glad I thought of it."
This week I overheard him telling an imaginary steamroller: "We're preparing for God. Well, actually it was Jesus. He was born on Christmas."

Blaise Boy Updates
Exploring every aspect of moving that he can. Teething has made him kinda miserable, so it's been a babywearing sort of week here. I'm finally learning his never-fail foods, which also meant he ate sweet potatoes for breakfast the other day. He loves climbing under the dining table, which sometimes results in him getting stuck under a chair, but otherwise, it mostly just means I keep finding random objects down there.

Listening to

I've had this song stuck in my head since Sunday thanks to two of my siblings. Thanks guys.

Our boys have been opening a Christmas book each day as we prepare for the Nativity of Our Lord. I am compiling a list now of our favorite dozen to share with you this week. =)
I picked up a few Agatha Christies at the library to re-read (as I've already read every one she wrote). The only time I've found to moosh in mama reading time has been while being kept up late by my loud neighbors or in little blips throughout the day, so anything that requires much thought has been hard to get through.

Links I've Enjoyed
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