Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekly Capture XXXIV

Yeepers. Christmas is only 4 days away! Celebrating Christmas when it starts and letting the Advent season be focussed more on preparing ourselves has left me a little scattered as far as everything being ready for Christmas. I did get any and all gift shopping mostly done before Advent began, but wrapping is a whole different story. Plus, I have this slight obsession with having my gifts look as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, if not more so. We'll be traveling during part of the 12 Days of Christmas, so I'm kinda trying to figure out how to fill the days we'll be home with some homey Christmas fun. Cookie baking, ornament crafts, and the like. It's very hard for this plan-ahead, like to have things a certain way, organized personality to stay simple and just let the schedule flow. Here's to trying though. =)

This past week included my birthday, for which my loving husband took a half day at work, beginning my day by taking over any and all monotonous morning chores. He surprised me with several gifts that I hadn't "wished" for necessarily, but that are super perfect all the same. I also got to connect via phone and Skype (amazing technology, what did we do without you?) with my fabulous family, which is always a treat. 

Otherwise the week was spent wiping runny noses with lots of cuddling and book reading as well since we obtained a yucky cold that left everyone feeling a little under the weather. Speaking of weather, it's snowing right now, so perhaps a White Christmas?

Out of the Mouth of Dom
"I need to figure out how to get Luigi out of my pants."
Me: "What?"
"Well, he's just stuck in my pocket."

"Mama, I think you should get yourself a hooker for the kitchen."

To me: "What were you yelling about?"
Me: "I wasn't yelling, was I?"
"Ok, then, what were you quieting about?"

Updates on my Blaise boy
And he stands! Not always solo, but I do keep finding him randomly pulled up on everything. The other day I heard him screeching in the other room. I rushed in to see what was wrong, only to find he'd stood up holding something and just couldn't figure out how to sit down again. Animal sounds are a surefire way to bring a smile these days. Annnnd, he's much more obstinate than his brother ever was with the touching of the Christmas ornaments, a major "no" in this house. 


My husband got me this book, My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir, for my birthday after hearing about it on Catholic Radio and being reminded of me. I've only gotten a chapter and a half into it, but thus far I'm thoroughly enjoying the mix of righteous feminism, intricate stories of strong women saints, and personal episodes from the author's life. More to be shared as I read on.

Listening to
The last bits of Advent music... Christmas music, cannot wait for you! Dom sweetly sings me "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" at least once a day at this point. We've also been listening to many dancing tunes in preparation for my family's epic New Year's Eve celebration.

Links I've enjoyed
That Mourns in Lonely Exile Here :: Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas
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