Tuesday, January 8, 2013

6 Points of Slapdashery

It's a slow day and the O household. We are cuddling, and I have finally convinced my older son to sit and listen as I read him chapter books. Oh happy day!

Finally got to settle down and watch season three of Downton Abby last night with the husband. Have you gotten a chance to watch the first episode yet? Definitely some twists and turns to be seen for the rest of the season.

I am kind of getting addicted to talking into my phone rather than typing things out. It's an easy way to get stuff done while nursing. Score for killing two birds with one stone.

Our Epiphany was almost as awesome as I planned in the post from last week. We didn't get everything done I'd hoped, but it was definitely a great start. How was your Epiphany?

Bracket five bracket
Well, that answers that question.

I think celebrating the full 12 days of Christmas and then the epiphany octave feast has made me push the limits on undecorating a teeny bit. We are still taking our sweet time in removing our Christmas decorations. How about you? Have you undecorated yet?

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