Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Capture XXXVI

What a week it has been! The weather here has been cold but getting warm enough to make the snow kind of slushy. We've been stuck inside most days due to being a one car family and David having to take the car. Today we finally DO have the car, and the weather might be the grossest it has been all week. We're prepping for the tiniest man's 1st birthday coming up next week! We'll be celebrating with my in-laws tomorrow, so cake making begins tonight! Perhaps, cupcakes though... I kind of associate 1st birthdays with cupcakes. Don't ask me why. And this will end the never-ending birthday season in the O house.

This new year has brought forth some new goals for me, for our family, and for our life in general. I find goals are a more attainable thing for me over resolutions since the former means I am working towards it rather than just changing automatically. Next week, I hope to share some of our goals in reading as well as some changes I hope to make in hopes of a more "green" lifestyle. We'll also be starting forth with a more "scheduled," I guess you could call it, homeschooling plan in February. I ordered Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven: A Catholic Preschool Curriculum after hearing many good reviews of it, including a great one from Haley of Carrots for Michaelmas

Out of the Mouth of Dom
"I don't want to do any fun-ness." Apparently, "fun-ness" is special things we do like puzzles, crafts, and reading because he then went on to explain how he just wanted to play.

"Good job, Mama! Somebody's really smart, aren't they?" This is what he told me as I helped him put together the pieces for his puzzle.

The little B man is getting so freakin' old! He's ridiculous in the risks he takes to keep up with his older brother (this mama's heart has already skipped several beats...). He's not quite standing on his own, but thus far, whatever is in his hight range has been tried out as an aid in walking. This week his babbling, which before was few and far between, has not only become more prolific, but is also definitely more focussed as he attempts to make some sense of it. Now if only I could translate it more often. 

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