Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Capture XXXVII

At Lollypop Farm on B's birthday

Hmmm, I think these Roman Numerals are going beyond me now. When I started these Weekly Captures nearly a year ago, I honestly did not think my posting of randomness on my blog would actually become habitual. Perhaps it is these mini recaps that I attempt to write weekly that have led to me being a more consistent, faithful writer. Who knows? If it works, though, by all means I shall continue to attempt to discipline myself in this way.

This week was busy for us. Is it ever not? We all had bouts of feeling under the weather, with none of us being truly sick. Instead it was a mix of teething, back spasms, and asthma that caught up with most of us. Blaise's 1st birthday was the highlight of the week for sure. Our little one has been such a joy and it was great being to celebrate our first year of having him be a part of our lives.

As I'm never quite sure how to celebrate so small a person's day, we decided to visit a local farm that takes in abandoned and abused animals. B is a huge fan of all farm animals, from what we can tell thanks to many books, toys, magnets, and such. The weather was chilly, so the ground had once again frozen over, but there was no snow on the ground (yet), so it seemed the perfect opportunity. And it was.

In other news, we're cuddling up for another dumping of snow. It's supposed to snow the majority of the days in the next week. David's over halfway through another grad class (only one more class to go at this point!). We're gearing up for lots of pro-life events and prayer vigils culminating in the March for Life in DC next week. Still trying to get all in order for that, but I'm excited to be teaching my children what it means to stand up for what they believe in.

A mama + Dom date last weekend at a local coffeeshop.

Me: "Dom, it's not the end of the world."
Dom (singing): "It's the end of the world as we know it..."

"The bartender gave me this candy."
Um, ok, son.

Happy boy decimates his birthday cupcake.

Updates on the Blaise-meister
Just got back from his 1 year check up and he's well ahead of most of the curves, not surprisingly. He's about the same weight now that his brother was at 6 months. Mama's back says 'thank you, son' for not growing as quickly. We're up to 5 teeth - they seem to be coming in at a faster rate now. And "no" is now his top word next to Mama/Dada. With Dom we held off him learning "no" for so much longer. I guess when you're child #2 (and so forth down the line), it's harder to keep that word unlearned. I'm waiting on walking to be any week now. It's a delight to see him going through each step of learning and growing even though I've already seen it once before.

Downton Abbey, Season 3, of course! I've finagled the husband to join me for weekly Monday viewings as we're not hip and have no TV channels to speak of, so we must wait for it to be loaded online 1 day after everyone else sees it. Actually there's not too much finagling since he enjoys it, too, though probably not as much as I.

Just finished up Last Lessons of Summer last night. A good read if you're into mysteries. G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy arrived on my doorstep this week, so hopefully I'll delve into that one soon. It's one of my To Read's on this year's list.

Links I've enjoyed
How My Kids Didn't Ruin Mass :: Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas Haley always has such great insight into parenting moments, and this one is probably my favorite article on those moments that we sometimes wish we could avoid. What a refreshing view on how children aren't an inconvenience by gifts of grace.
Praying as a Couple :: by Simcha Fischer for NC Register A lovely article focussing on the importance of prayer in a marriage as well as some ideas for when and how to pray.
Morning Sickness: A Case for Protein :: Modern Alternative Pregnancy I'm putting this one in the archives for my next pregnancy. I've had such horrible morning sickness with both my babies that I'm prepared to try pretty much everything next round!

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  1. With morning sickness, do your prenatals (if you take them?) have digestive enzymes in them? I often wonder if that has anything to do with some womens' sickness- it's such a huge amount of certain vitamins/minerals that the body isn't used to getting. Mine had enzymes built in (which also meant I didn't have to take them with a meal), and I was blessed with no sickness. Not sure if there's anything to it, but I remember wondering about that during my hospital's "in-brief" thingy.

    1. Hmmm, I honestly don't know. I've been taking prenatals steady for about 4 years at this point though, so I sure hope my body is used to it at this point. I will have to look into that though. As I mentioned, I really will be doing much more next time to avoid morning sickness. It was bad enough being as sick as I was with B and having a 1 year old to chase.
      Thanks for the tip!


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