Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes : Determination

Since first seeing the 7 Quick Takes over at House Unseen, Life Unscripted, I've been intrigued with the whole idea of joining a whole bunch of others in a random link-up. Random is kinda my middle name as you might as well know.
I have placed Diego in charge of the littles, so I could "quickly" type up this. Typically not my favorite mama move, but man, it's been one of those weeks. You know the ones. I've left the house twice in the past 7 days. Once for a frustrating run to grab coffee, and once to go grocery shopping with the bairns. An exciting outing, if ever there was one.
Oh sons, oh sons. It really is not as delightful as you make it out to be to go to take a shower and as soon as I step in, to hear toy cars making use of the bathroom door as a racetrack. And to hear wooden mallets, meant for another purpose, used as knocking devices. One day I will get to take more than a 6 minute shower in peace, right? RIGHT?

Perhaps I should label this week as "Complaints" rather than "Determination." Poo on being positive. Apparently that's not working right now...

Read this article by Hallie at Moxie Wife the other day. I've decided I need a Sister to Spill It to. Well, a local one.I think it would help with the holding in I tend to do, which often then gets taken out on LegenDaddy. Poor man.

Well, I have now been working on this list for nearly 3 hours (Does it take anyone else this long???). So much for it being "quick" - at least I haven't actually spent the full 3 hours on it. Though that doesn't really make me feel better. More so it makes me sad that it takes an eternity to complete something.


Lastly, please enjoy this lovely photo of my boy's smoothie mustaches. In a determined attempt to keep our bodies nice and healthy we have been eating a gratuitous amount of smoothies in this household.

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  1. *huggs* I may not be local, but I'm only a phone call away ;) miss ya

    1. Miss *you* lady! I so wish you were MUCH closer. =) I need to work on my communication skills... obviously. =)

  2. Yes, it takes me that long! I try to remember to start a draft post for Quick Takes early in the week so that I can add to it bit by bit as the week goes by . . . and yet I often find myself scrambling to finish it at the last minute! :)

    1. Glad to hear I am not the only one. I shall begin next week's now...

  3. :0) I read the same "Moxie Wife" article...sounds like she had to pray a "Spill Sister" up...!

    My "quick takes" took forever to right! Hours and hours.

    Keep on keepin' on, Momma, you're doing a great job, and I'm jealous of the smoothies :)

    1. Welp, I guess I should start praying harder. =)

      Perhaps it should be renamed "Quick for some - takes"

      Thanks for the encouragement, Katherine! I wish you lived closer and I could meet those lil ones of yours. =)


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