Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly Capture XXXIX

A flu scare and some chilly weather kept us inside most of this week, making for one antsy mama who cannot wait to get out this weekend. It's been a slow, hard week with little sleep on more than one night and stressful day situations between our neighbor and a 3 year old who is trying this mama's patience over and over and over. So, yes, very happy to say goodbye to this week and start anew with whatever next week brings.

Snowy streets last night

Our homeschooling venture has begun fairly well. I waited til the last minute to collect the books needed from the library, which was a mistake as they only had two from the whole list. Thankfully, we owned a few that made do for the week. Dom complained off and on of stomach pains throughout the week, and as we'd been exposed to the stomach flu, I thought it best to keep him inside. He enjoys certain aspects of "school," but others he's not so keep on. He did request to start yet another chapter book to be a part of our day's schedule, so we did. It's lovely to move beyond picture books in some ways. Thankfully both boys still love picture books though - I don't think I'll be wanting to give them up anytime soon.

We have begun to gather our thoughts, devotionals, etc together as we make preparations for the Season of Lent. We celebrated St. Brigid's Feast Day and a Candlemas/St. Blaise's Day feast this past weekend. Looking forward to Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and a chocolate-less St. Valentine's Day, too (3 days in a row there!). We're also much looking forward to a much missed, favorite person ever (my sister is going to come visit us for about 46 hours, and we shall make the most of every moment, or at least that is the plan). So, that's a fair amount to keep our next week hopping and delightful.

"Sick boys wear hoodies"

Out of the mouth of Dom
"B, you must wear socks. That's just the way life is."

"Are you a naughty boy now?" ... to his father. [In context it was in reference to the characters displayed in the game, Chutes + Ladders, but overheard it was hilarious]

B-boy Updates
No steps yet. I'll leave him standing freely sometimes, and then he'll suddenly realize it and lurch forwards. Poor B has been blessed cursed with his parents' lovely skin issues. Yet another eczema covered baby. The cold, dry weather is just exacerbating it more and more. Thankfully babies covered in coconut oil smell positively delightful.
B has changed "Dada" into "Da-DEE!" and calls to his brother now. He has discovered that Dom will play peek-a-boo with him if B hides behind a chair in our living room and pops his head out every so often. They both end up in giggles. It's simply adorable. And sorry, no video exists at this moment in time.

My smooshy faced B

A bit of entertainment for your enjoyment (you know you can't turn down a mix of Les Mis + HIMYM/Neil Patrick Harris)

Funny, yet well done, am I right?

I picked up a P.G. Wodehouse for some "lighter reading," so I am about a third through The Girl in Blue. Still plowing through Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic as well.

A favorite picture book this week has been Can I Keep Him? by Steven Kellogg, a sweet tale of a little boy who keeps finding "pets" to bring home to his mother, who, of course, has a reason for why he cannot keep each. Definitely one we'd recommend!

Links I've enjoyed - the Lent edition

Lenten Rookie Mistakes :: by Simcha Fisher for the NC Register
100 Things to do for Lent :: Held by His Pierced Hands
Preparing for Lent :: Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas

and another for good measure, mostly because it has been one of the best pieces I've read in awhile:
A Letter to My Former Self on the Day I Became a Mother :: Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas

       Best wishes for a wonderful (and perhaps wintery, for some of you) weekend,

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