Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Move Your Bloomin Arse

Kudos to whomever guesses where the title is from. As a child, I could never understand how that line from a favorite movie was "bad" in any way. I only realized, years later, what was being said. I'd mistaken the last word for something else in my childish innocence.

Had lots of fun gathering some of my favorite items to suggest as ideas in my post earlier this week, Simple Easter Basket Fillings, buuuut it made me realize that Easter is coming quickly. Lent is already at the halfway point, and I need to start thinking about the things for *our* Easter baskets and celebrations. It's funny/not so funny how fast, and yet at the same time how slow Lent has gone by. Dom has caught on to the abstaining/sacrifice part and reminds me daily how he cannot have treats since it's Lent, but I could allow him to have certain treats that aren't really treats...

Another post I had lots of fun with this week was the 5 Favorites {Vol. 1} (labelled as such to convey my hopes that there shall be more) with the link up over at Moxie Wife. Way too much fun to share finds that I've found and then drooled over. In reality, I need to start going through and purging the stuff I already own. Definitely need to get a move on that, especially if we move anytime soon.

Another Lenten thing I've noticed is that I'm much better at the giving up and abstaining from than I am at the doing/adding of things. While it is still a sacrifice to give up something from my diet or daily life, it is ever so much more a sacrifice, for me, at least, to actually give up moments of my obviously too precious free time to do the additional spiritual disciplines I have added during this Lent.

Let it be known I am a chump at taking photographs this week. Especially since that's actually my profession. I apologize since everybody knows: a post is ever so much more fun with some visual treat of sorts. Especially ones that show my sweet mop-topped little boys.

Another thing I need to get moving on is the switching out of my desk. It just needs to happen. Annnd I keep putting it off. I was given a larger desk with more drawers and more pooka holes many (many, many) months ago. Yet, I still insist on using my 20" x 30"ish wobbley table because I just haven't moved forward with getting stuff done and cleaning up my ever piled mess, uhhum, desk.
Oh, and be glad I didn't include a picture of *that*. It ain't a pretty sight.
So, don't get me wrong, I love the song, and I sing it waaaaay too often, but I feel like far too often my response to tasks awaiting my attention is: Ain't Nobody Got Time for Dat. It's the easy bow out. So, I am challenging myself to just attack at least one project or extra task each day. I'll let you know how it goes. Stay tuned. For now, I shall move my bloomin arse.

Also, you should probably know. I finished this in 29 minutes. FINALLY, I getting quicker at these "quick" takes. =)

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