Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Colored Rice for Sensory Learning {DIY}

Simple, Cheap, and Fun - sound like your style? Then this is the perfect Sensory Bin filler for you. Colored rice is so easy to make, but it has many ways it can be used. We had lots of fun making this together - my boys are 1 and 3, and they both joined in the mixing part and had a blast. Then of course it's perfect for quiet play time (or not so quiet). This is also a wonderful way to reuse old or stale rice.

My boys picked our colors, so there's no particular theme, but you could easily do a springtime themed bin with more pastels and use gardening tools to play in the rice. Our bin is really just a Rubbermaid Plastic Bin. Ideas of what to pair with your colored rice: dinos, trucks, funnels + tunnels (make use of those extra TP rolls!), characters figurines, plastic Easter eggs, and more... Keep your mind running and I'm sure you can come up with your own creative twists!

You'll need:

Rice (I used about 6 cups)
Colored Food Dye
Rubbing Alcohol (not pictured)
Plastic bags (containers would work, too - just use something you don't mind being dyed!)

Put two cups of rice for each color you want to make
into separate plastic bags.

Add 15-25 drops of food coloring to each bag.
(Obviously, the more you add, the more vibrant it gets)

Put a splash (approx. 1 TB) of rubbing alcohol into each bag.

Zip tight.

Pass the bags to your kiddos, and have them shake, rattle, and roll.

Continue until color has gone through the entire bag.

It took us about 7 minutes for the 3 bags.

Open the three bags up high above fascinated hands.

Let dry for several hours to ensure dye has set.

Add to a sensory bin, and start playing!

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