Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Five Favorites {Vol. 1}

I've been dreaming of moving to somewhere new. Alot it seems as of late. And in those dreams, I generally have all these awesome things in my house. So, as inspired by the link up over at Moxie Wife, I am sharing 5 of my favorite finds from the past few weeks. 


Looooove this upcycled hutch. Turquoise is pretty much one of my favorite colors, and my house obviously would be in need of much more of it. Plus then I could display stuff more easily... kinda hate hiding some of my stuff away in cupboards. This one is from Design Sponge's Sneak Peek of Phoebe Gazal's Home.

I'm obsessed with tents, teepees, fabric hanging from the ceiling, and so forth. Renting has mostly made this impossible, but one day my house might just look like a gypsy caravan. This lovely lacey tent is from Teepee and Tent.


This lovely Alphabet Cursive Chart is way out of my price range, but still it would make for some rather fun wall art in a school/family room, right?


And to make sure LegenDaddy doesn't feel left out, I have found something for him to make me. Complete with directions from


Annnnd lastly, I need to find me some of these fabulous vintage locker baskets to hang about everywhere. HT to Robo Margo for the fabulous idea.

Linking up with 5 Favorites over at MoxieWife

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  1. That handwriting chart is so charming. And the teepee! And the turquoise! Love, love, love.

  2. I'm not sure which I covet more, the hutch or the tent/teepee!

    Thanks so much for joining in! This is too much fun!

    1. Thanks for hosting! This should definitely become a regular occurrence. =)


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