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Observing Holy Week as a Family

  Lent is close to be over as we approach Palm Sunday (also known as Passion Sunday) and begin Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter Sunday. Many important events in the Church are all packed into this one week: Palm Sunday; Holy Thursday - where feet are washed in observance of Christ washing his disciples feet, and the institution of Holy Eucharist; Good Friday - a day of sorrow and solemnity as we remember Christ's crucifixion; Holy Saturday - as we wait for the final day of the Triduum: Easter Sunday, the Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord.

Our family will be observing this week with several family oriented activities, foods, stories, and so forth. As our kiddos are young enough, we'll be taking a break from our regular homeschooling schedule to focus on our Holy Week happenings. Our mornings will still begin with a reading from our family devotional booklet: Welcome Risen Jesus: Lent and Easter Reflections for Families (by Sarah Reinhard), and then we will proceed throughout our days with some of the following. I'll share our plans for each day, which include several ideas that were a part of our Lenten goals for our family. There are also a few other ideas I found that I was delighted with but I think I'll hold off with for us, at least this year.

Palm Sunday

Coming up first, on Palm Sunday, we will observe the start of Holy Week by making the first Day of the Holy Week Chart Activity from Journey to Josie. We will continue to make one of these during each day of Holy Week. This is the perfect activity/craft for very young ones as it makes real the meaning behind this week while still being a simple and low-energy/low-focus craft.
Also, sorry to anyone who was interested in this earlier, but was unable to click the previous link found in my Getting Ready for Lent post - just realized that link was broken and have fixed it!

We'll also begin reading some of  the many Easter books I have found (post on our favorites coming soon!).

Monday through Wednesday

Continue with the memorizing of the Anima Christi - this was one of our Lenten goals as a family and thus far, I think we have about half successfully memorized.

Make pretzels, a traditional Lenten food. Here's a recipe from Catholic Icing or here's one I made awhile back for Pretzel Rolls.

Work on putting together our Stations of the Cross Eggs (Catholic Icing). Other ideas I've found include a box (ideas from A Knotted Life and Three Sided Wheel), magnets from Enter Under My Roof, or candles (also Catholic Icing). The 'stained glass' craft idea included in that last link is also great for little ones and we might try it, too.

Another idea is to make your own Resurrection Eggs (what can I say? I love Catholic Icing!). If you're not the DIY type, you can also order Resurrection Eggs for a fairly decent price.

Holy Thursday

We will be attempting this ridiculously awesome Last Supper Craft, brought to you by who else by Catholic Icing (seriously, mamas, go check out this awesome site!).

In lieu of dinner, we will have a late afternoon tea, using some of the ideas from Shower of Roses, before heading to mass in the evening.

Good Friday

This solemn day will be a quiet day for our house. Well, as quiet as I can manage with two little boys under the age of 4. But, we will definitely be refraining from movies, internet, and music with words.

This ClothesPin Crucifix from Catholic Inspired is a little beyond my boys' talent levels, but one day I hope to make this with them.

Then, we will be attending the Stations of the Cross with both boys. LegenDaddy and I have been taking turns throughout Lent going solo, so this will be the first time with all of us going. Hopefully, the Stations crafts from earlier in the week will help Dom understand what is going on.

Holy Saturday

We traditionally pray in front of Planned Parenthood in the morning for the souls of the preborn children who have died in the week prior. This is something as leaders of the pro-life action ministry at our parish we do regularly throughout the year, but Holy Saturday is a day we always set aside to pray.

Family will be in town, so for us, we will spend the day enjoying our family as we wait for the Triduum to come to an end on...

Easter Sunday, the Feast Day of the Resurrection of Our Lord!

May your Holy Week be blessed as Lent comes to a close and we observe our Lord's crucifixion and celebrate His Resurrection!


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