Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Capture XLII

Now that my being sick has moved from being a reality to just captured in a blog post, our lives are finally much more productive and therefore, forward moving. We're perfectly on schedule with the letter C in our pre-schooling, and Dom is really getting into memorizing the weekly poem. I have decided I should probably give up reading books and just take to reading the dictionary because the boy has been asking me the meanings of so many words this week. It's not that I don't know what the word is and how to use it properly; rather, it is that many words are hard to give a decisive definition to, especially one that a 3 year old understands.

We're doing ok - I'd give us a 'B' for good effort - in our Lenten aspirations. The prayer we're supposed to be memorizing could use a lot more focus. Our Stations of the Cross eggs also could use some work. I have given them some thought here and there. This is definitely one of the reasons I hate being sick so much - it delays everything, and now that we've caught up on the basics of the house, I realize how much further we are behind in the extra stuff. Oh well. We shall get there.

Coming up soon for us are the celebrations of St. Patrick and then St. Joseph, and then we're already nearing Holy Week, which we are planning several special activities and observances for in our family. Also, one of my little brothers is turning 18. I was 8 when he was born, and he was the first of my siblings that I really felt I was helping with, and for that matter, truly wanted to help with. He is now making me feel rather old.

Also, a shameless plug for another of my little brothers. He's a film student in his 3rd year and is raising funds for a short film he is making. He's extremely talented, and right now he's 4 days away from the end of this campaign and still has a far way to go financially. If you could, head over to his fundraising page for his project, Father, Forgive Me, and give him a little something. Even $5 would help him out. Thanks!

Out of the Mouth of Dom
"Um, Mama, you should get yourself an *actual* name."

[Singing] "C is for cookie, which is not good enough for me because right now it is Lent..."

Soooo, he took 6 steps to me last night. Then, promptly sat down and gave me a look that totally said, "You didn't see that, Mama." He better be growing some teeth because the amount of interruptions in my sleep has been far too high this past week. Plus there's a fair amount of drool to accompany... He's a sneaky one. Every once in awhile he repeats a word I've said, but then I cannot get him to say it again.

Contrary to when I was being a bum a few weeks back, I now am attempting too much at the same time. Apparently I cannot manage a healthy balance. I have begun and finished 3 mysteries (I honestly whip through these ridiculously fast, but they're enjoyable as long as they're by certain authors, so I don't mind), have begun Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God by Scott Hahn, am continuing in Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David Currie, and for fun, started The Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarkington as well. It's a little intense. I should probably try to finish just one rather than simultaneously attempt to read all...

On the boy's favorite list right now: Little Critter Storybook Collection. Oh my goodness, he's in love. It's ridiculous. We checked it out from the library, and he ends practically every reading time we have with, "Perhaps, could we maybe read a chapter of the Little Critter Storybook?" It's really a collection of several stories rather than chapters, but it's pretty cute how he asks, so I haven't corrected it. They're perfect for him to "read along" to as he can easily memorize what's on each page. I remembered these tales from my childhood, but as an adult, I'd forgotten the draw to these simple stories. He definitely loves them more than I, but it is a great aid in pre-reading. So, I guess I'm good with it, too.

So, other than Les Mis last weekend, I feel like I haven't watched an actual full length film in awhile. Instead it's just been a mix of TV episodes and YouTubes, so in hopes to change that, and in trying to catch up with present entertainment culture, I checked out from our library: Moonrise KingdomWreck-It Ralph, and The Amazing Spider-Man. I've heard mixed reviews of each - Have you seen any? Would you recommend them? We'll see if I get around to watching them over the next week.

For now, have a lovely weekend! Hope you have something fun and special to do with your family!


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  1. Sarah, you are doing an awesome job of bringing those boys up properly :). ...Lent, saint feast days,'ve got it all!

    Did you see this post about a Stations of the Cross box?

    1. That's fantastic - thanks so much for sharing. In other words... nope, didn't see that one. =)

      Thanks for the encouragement - we're trying. Sometimes it's a struggle, but I keep hope that it will get easier by the year as it becomes a natural part of our family life.


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