Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Capture XLIII

{Added later} Short, sweet, and late folks, this week. Sorry! LegenDaddy has what we believe to be food poisoning and has been out of commission since middle o last night, B is teething and has a cold, and Dom has just been pushing the limits everywhere he can. This makes for one tired mama, especially since I decided to still try (and succeeded) at pulling off the St. Patrick's Day festivities I'd planned on. So, without further ado, here's this week's Weekly Capture.

First off, how exciting was all the news and hubbub surrounding Pope Francis this week. We were driving to the library when the white smoke was released and heard about it on the radio. Since we don't have TV at home and my computer rarely will play live feeds, I figured we were just as well off continuing with our errand, and I'd have to stay abreast of the news via my phone and Twitter. Well, we were in luck - our library had the television in their lobby on the news station with the proceedings playing. It was lacking in sound due to it being a library and all, so I had to read captions, and it was hard for Dom to enjoy since I had to whisper whatever was going on to him.

We did get to see Pope Francis first appear though which made it it all worth it. I bribed Dom to be quiet with a book, and B was just as happy as could be, blabbering along in the Beco. It was a wonderful moment, just sitting there in silence with a few other random library-goers, whilst we awaited to see who would come out from behind the curtains. I did have to consult Twitter for a name though because the captions didn't translate, and instead 'Foreign Language' came out across the screen. I am excited, as many are I'm sure, to see what the papacy of Pope Francis will include.

The boyOs waiting to see who was our new Pope!

In other news, Daylight Savings Time was definitely invented by someone who wasn't a parent. A week of ridiculously late bedtimes and way to early rising has created a level of grumpiness in this house that is waaay too much. It's been no fun, not for the kiddos and not for mama.

In homeschooling news, we've wrapped up the letter 'C', completing nearly everything suggested in our curriculum, and Dom is uber excited about starting the letter 'D' on Monday. He is loving the weekly poem memorizing and the collages. And of course, the books. I've had to branch out to find my own books though because only about 2/3 of the books from the list are ever available at our local library. C included some delving into learning about Castles and Camels for some non-fiction reading.

Our calendar this week is already off to a busy start as as we celebrated St. Patrick's Day today, and then in two days, will be the Feast of St. Joseph. I am thrilled that we added some traditions for St. Paddy's and that we're starting all new ones for St. Joseph's Day. More on how that went that next week... for now onto the Capture.

Out of the Mouth of Dom
Dom was explaining to me how Blaise "expressed" their toy kitchen. I asked for an explanation, and he replied, "Oh, it just means he likes it very much."

He's very into trying out his new vocabulary in words; sometimes, it just doesn't make much sense. Today he told me he was "protesting animals." I think he might have meant studying though...

Hooray for new vocab. Now to work on usage.

Updates on my B boy
Walking in 6-10 step chunks, but it's not at all consistent, and often he'd rather just protest the whole idea of it. He is pretty proud of himself though when it does happen. His next teeth are taking for-flipping-ever to arrive. He's still only got the 6 though you'd never know it by what he chomps down. The amount of increasing drool from his mouth gives me hope that one day he'll get more. 

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