Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Favorites {Vol. 4}



Lent is over, and now these lovelies can be made. Churro Waffles. (from Chica Choclatina) I found them on Pinterest during Lent and have been holding off, but now I think we may have found this weekend's family breakfast plans.


Planning to spend April reorganizing this abode. Pretty sure if I had one of these epic organizers (featured over on Design Sponge) my kitchen could magically become clean. Well, maybe not, but it's possibly, right?


These beautiful eggs that we dyed for Easter are now more than halfway gone, but they have made me happy every time I've opened my fridge since last week. I'm totally a convert to making our own dyes.


This beautiful wreath is made mostly out of recycled egg cartons. The tutorial over at Homemade Serenity looks easy enough, and I'm hoping soon enough we'll have one of these to grace our walls/door.


I know I've mentioned this book countless times in past posts, but Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic truly has answered many a question for me and opened up deeper thought channels and given me depth behind what is believed in the Roman church. Finishing up the last couple chapters now, well this week. =)

Linking up with the fabulous Hallie over at Moxie Wife today!

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  1. "BF,BAC" was a big turning point for me - can't wait to hear what you think! The section on explaning the "catholic dictionary" and differences between dogma, traditions, etc. was great!

    1. That part was great - keep reading it over to better grasp. I'm near the end of the Mary chapter at this point, so hopefully I'll finish soon.

  2. I am loving the egg carton wreath! fabulous and so bright and happy!!

    1. Isn't it? I hope if I make one it comes out that nice. =)


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