Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Favorites {Vol. 7}

Sorry about the quietness on the blog this week. It's been a purging week as I prepare for this awesome HUGE children's consignment event that starts tomorrow. Not only do I shop for the majority of our kiddo's needs here, but I also sell unwanted items and then volunteer for 8 hours, too. All this just to make a little more crazy in our lives. So, to interrupt that insanity, here are five fairly random things as I link up with Moxie Wife and the weekly link-up: Five Favorites.


From Steph Baxter comes this lovely print of the colorful rainbow of foods that is available over the year. What a lovely reminder to eat in season!


Hoorah! Now available from one of my favorite product lines: BabyGanics Sunscreen Spray. Any buying two things of sunscreen is a surefire way to beckon warmer weather, right?


A friend of mine from college, Matt Grajcar, recently released this 5-track EP of songs he wrote and then sang with added vocals by Annah Sprague. Although Stay on the Bike has already sold out, you can find it and listen to it on Spotify.


Another piece of art to tie in with last week's Art Five Favorites. This piece is by Trafalger Square and is available on Zulily today. (There are also Girls and hair color choices!)


Oh my goodness all these Method Orla Keily Limited Edition Hand Washes are so fabulous. I keep finding them on sale at Target - thus far, Vanilla Chai is definitely my favorite, but right now I have some Tomato Vine, and it's rather delicious.

Linking up with the fabulous Hallie over at Moxie Wife today! 

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