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Green Living: Why We Make the Sustainable Choices We Do

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, I keep seeing ways to be more Green and Eco-friendly appearing everywhere from programs at our local library to sign-ups for community compost. It's wonderful to see that people are taking note and bringing to the frontlines the importance of reusing, recycling, and living in a more sustainable way, but it often saddens me how much of a fad this has become in America. To us, it is so much more than that.

For our family, living more "Green" and sustainably has had to become a lifestyle in order to pull it off effectively. We are by no means perfect, and there are still many things on our list of what we would like to add to living a more simple and green lifestyle. However, because we believe and hope to pass on to our children the belief that we were left as Stewards of this earth and that we should do that to the best of our ability, we have chosen to make life choices that are "Green."

When God created Adam, the first man, he gave him the mandate (right after telling them to be fruitful and multiply), "Fill the earth and subdue it." (Gen 1:28). He goes on to tell Adam he has dominion over the fish, birds, cattle, and "Over all the earth." As humans, I think, we've been given such a wonderful gift in the creation that surrounds us. In this age of consumerism, more trumps less, money is the standard of success, and we often throw away things in yearning for "Easiness."

I fully believe that it's a one step at a time process. We didn't change our lifestyle overnight, but rather we have over the years made one choice at a time to simplify our home life in ways that are conserving what has been given to us.

Here are Four of the Main Reasons that our family has chosen to follow a simpler, more Eco-friendly path:

Conservation - As Keepers of the Earth, we have decided to keep the planet we live on, our community, and our home life simpler by making choices to recycle, reuse, and reduce what would otherwise be waste. A major way we've done that is in eliminating "throwaways" from our household as much as possible.

Healthy - In choosing to eat real foods, use primarily natural home + beauty products, and avoiding artificial anything whenever possible, we are aiming to have a healthier home. We lean towards the philosophy that if you make sure your bodies are healthy, you will get sick less. And when we do get sick, we try to work with the root of the problem with simple homeopathic recipes before turning to medicines.

Money/Frugality - I have only in the past year realized how much money I save in not purchasing disposable diapers, paper towels, and napkins; having a minimum of cleaners (half of which we make ourselves); and aiming simple with things like soap and other beauty products with a more minimalistic approach to what fills our bathroom shelves. In learning to make things ourselves or to do without or to purchase reusable items, we save a ton on our monthly purchases.

Simplicity + Fighting Consumerism - Lastly, as I said before, we want to pass on a lifestyle and mindset to our children. We want them to be able to solve problems themselves, to find new ways of giving products a second life, to learn to live without all the things that are purported to make life "easier." We've already, even at their young ages, begun to teach about real foods and appreciating the hands that provided it for us, emphasized that the playground and other experiences offer more than owning many toys, and that relationships and serving one another are ever more important than gadgets and quick fixes. We are working to keep away "I need" attitude from anything that is not crucial to survival.

A major thing for us and hopefully for you as well is we've decided that our family's well being is more important than stressing over being more green. For instance, we don't have a garden. I would love one, but my skills are seriously lacking, and I don't really love it that much. It would stress me out and frustrate our family life more than aid it for me to attempt gardening. One day, once LegenDaddy finishes school and we own our own yard, we hope to make this a part of our family life, but right now it's just not conducive to our family and lifestyle.

This is a path we've chosen for our family. We still have a long way to go, and if you're anywhere on that path, not matter how slow the going is, Good Job! There are so many ways to integrate green lifestyle choices into your family, and each family is so unique, so only you can answer what works for you and your home. Celebrate this beautiful earth our Creator has given us, and remember that we have been given Stewardship of it!

I am always curious as to why *you* have made green and sustainable choices in your life. Please share in the comments why you've chosen to make simpler, eco-friendly lifestyle choices!

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  1. I think our reasonings are right in line with y'alls. We are working hard to become as self-sufficient as possible. The allure of money saved was my first step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It saves to cloth diaper, make our own cleaners, etc. That was our starting point. Now we've gone & moved onto a 28-acre farm in the middle of nowhere. Lots of steps involved between those two, but it's been a cool journey thus far. :)

  2. It definitely stemmed from money and health for our family, and the conservation was a plus for me :) And ya can't go wrong with being good stewards of the earth!!

  3. "Live simply so others may simply live."

    Also, I look at the world like a present - I believe that it holds all we need to live well if used correctly, but that means we must care for and be respectful of what we have. We must do our best to use the world in the way that it is meant to be used.


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