Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Capture XLV

So, last week being Holy Week and all, I skipped our typical Weekly Capture, focused on our Holy Week and Easter celebrations - which of course in true octave feast fashion are still happening. Peanut M + Ms for all... well just for the parentals actually. Back now with some extra updates on us, and of course some lovely (if I do say so myself) photos of our springtime fun.

Morning parkour sessions in the kitchen.

This past week has brought us to finishing the Letter D in Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven, reaching some wonderful milestones with Mr. B, hitting the halfway point of LegenDaddy's LAST master's class, and several babies were born (one of which I got to hold - SUCH sweetness).

First I give you one of my newly favorit-ified quotes, and then onto the Capture:

"As the Family goes, so goes the Nation, and the Whole World in which we live."
                                                                                      Blessed John Paul II

Out of the Mouth of Dom

Only one quote that I've remembered to write down this past week. Today we were in Buy Buy Baby shopping for a gift, and we passed through the aisle featuring nursing bras and other paraphanalia. Out of my son's mouth came:
"This stuff is for the ladies. Mom, you're a lady. You should get some of this stuff."

B-boy Updates

He's walking! Still a hesitant little one, but he's getting there. He discovered slides at the park today and is quite the fan. Also, I fear we may have a formed attachment to Siri. He's obsessed with attempting to steal my phone and then forcing Siri to talk to him. And we also are in full fledged emptying stage. As in bookshelves, Easter baskets full of shredded paper grass, ALL the magnets from the fridge, all our toy food, etc, etc... you get the idea.
All that being said, I *love* this stage so much - so much curiosity, aannnnnnddd this mama has been getting so many extra kisses. It's delightful. He's attempting a fair amount of words and becoming much more communicative, and it's just so sweet.

For me, plugging through some that have been on the shelf for awhile whilst also doing some early morning reading of mysteries (a perfect side to my AM cup o coffee) including some Deborah Knott Mysteries by Margaret Maron and a few Constable Evans Mysteries by Rhys Bowen. Any other mystery lovers out there?


On the kiddos shelf, my our new favorite is The Animal Hedge, by Paul Fleischman and illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline. Lovely art, rhythmic storytelling, sweet love shown by characters, it's got it all. A tale of a farmer and his three sons. The farmer loves his calling, loves the animals, and puts his all into running his farm until one day a drought comes and he is forced to sell his animals. All he has left is his sons, their tiny cottage, and a hedge. As he tends the hedge, animals keep appearing in the bushes. His sons grow, and he encourages them to find their destiny whilst trimming the hedge. Years later they find that the bush wasn't magic, rather their hearts and minds guided them to jobs that were perfect for who they were. Such a great book - I highly recommend you finding it!

A random guilty pleasure of mine happens to be Gilmore Girls, so I've been watching some random Season 3 episodes as I make my way through piles of laundry folding and going through ALL our little boy clothes to purge what we don't need. I don't even know where this random GP comes from? I definitely wasn't watching it when it was actually airing. I want to say college is where I picked up this one...

Links I've Thoroughly Enjoyed
Other People's Kids :: Patheos A beautifully written piece on how although children can be difficult to live with and deal with, how they bring joy and generosity to our lives. Here's one quote from the piece: "They are such amazing little creatures, not least because they pull us out of ourselves, completely unconsciously. Children live wholly outside themselves when they are small."

18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children :: Kathleen Berchelmann, MD The title pretty much explains it. A terrific list of reasons For homeschooling.

Woman Speak on NFP :: A series by various authors featured on Carrots for Michaelmas 3 of these posts from the series have been posted thus far, and I'm excited to learn more as women share their experiences with different methods.

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