Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Capture XLVI

Dreariness ended this week as far as weather cooping us up inside BUT we did have a lovely bout of spring-ish warmth at the beginning of the week. So, it's been a fairly typical week of library visits, preschool fun at home, and some spring cleaning/organizing on the mama front. Last night we discovered our apartment no longer had any hot water... hopefully that will be fixed by tonight though. It makes it rather hard to wash cloth diapers and take showers and wash dishes and stuffs like that.

It's been a sluggish sort of week, but we have inserted some memorable moments of sweet playtime with my littles. Multiple block towers, some post-Easter egg playing, and many a cuddle with a good book or two. I figure if it's going to be a slow and yucky day, we can always make the best of it with a pleasant story.

This adorable dude took me out for a breakfast date that ended with 
a chocolate chip cookie like all good breakfast dates do.

Out of the Mouth of Dom

Ultimate quote of the week:
"Charles Dickens is with Jesus now because he died. Now we have Tomie DePaola to be our author."

A close second:
"Blaise, I sure love you, but don't bite me."

"I'm calling him 'Sir' because he was not using the game properly." (In regards to his brother)
"I want to go to Idaho to pick potatoes because Kenny is there."
(Kenny is my cousin whom Dom *adores*)

Updates on Mr. B

We may have spoken too soon on the walking front. He seems to have stopped almost completely. Who knows why? Less sleeping has happened this week, and the sleep he does sleep at night is so restless and oft he has been getting up 6+ times a night. (Mama says 'yay coffee!') Dare I say, teeth are on the horizon? It's possible, but it has been so for the past 3 months and no proof that anything is emerging.
On a positive and forward moving note, he is getting more vocal. Words for this week: "socks" and "Diego."


I *finally* finished Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic. It took me quite awhile, but I think all the extra time spent going back over different passages was well worth it. For me, it was quite informative, and I appreciated all the detail that author, David Currie, put into each theological point he discussed. As obvious from the title, Mr. Currie was born into a Fundamentalist Christian home and was drawn to the Roman Catholic church in his adult life. I appreciated the ways he showed where Evangelicals and Catholic hold things in common as well as the well described areas of the Catholic Church that are often misunderstood by "outsiders." So many misconceptions are thoroughly delved into such as Mary's role in the Church and Purgatory, and this book gives Biblical backing up to each of these, claiming, rightfully so, how much of the Church is based much more on Scripture than is often thought.

For me, I think it looked way deeper into many things I already knew the basic beliefs about. I was not really surprised but anything, but I think that could be due to my being brought up in a sacramental background and belief system. Still, I would say it definitely was a great book to read to deepen my understanding of the Catholic Church. I appreciated it's well written and well organized approach. While I thoroughly enjoyed Scott Hahn's Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism, I very much felt like I was learning a lot more from Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic. It was an interesting and informative read that was completely worth the time spent wallowing in the depth its pages.

On a lighter note, I have read Llama Llama Home with Mama by Anna Dewdney no less than 8 thousand times. Ok, so, yes, that is exaggerating. Partly because I didn't read it *that* many times, and partly because Dom has memorized it at this point, so I am barely reading it at all. Any Llama Llama fans in your house?

Links You Should Check Out
Reasons My Son is Crying :: Hilarious (maybe it shouldn't be, but I think it is) thoughts from a father on what is making his son cry

Hope your week has gone fabulously and that spring is poking its head out in your area!


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  1. We love Llama, Llama - we might just have the entire collection now. In fact, if you haven't picked up "Llama, Llama Time To Share" I recommend it - it actual works with Henry to ask him if he can "share like Llama Llama" when he gets too possessive of things (especially things that aren't actually his, like at the library).

    1. I think we did check that one out from the library long ago... maybe it's time to get it again. =)


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