Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Capture XLVII

What a week! Both for our country at large and us, on a much smaller and more positive scale, as well. We started our week with a lovely weekend with my family, well, most of them. =) Sad new permeated the week on the national news, making me want to hold my boys tight the rest of the week. I think it was best summed up in a quote from March from Pope Francis:
"We must not believe the Evil One when he tells us that there is nothing we can do in the face of violence, injustice, and sin."
Also, here is a portion of Cardinal O'Malley's remarks during the Interfaith service in Boston yesterday:
"This Patriots’ Day shakes us out of our complacency and indifference and calls us to focus on the task of building a civilization that is based on love, justice, truth and service. We do not want to risk losing the legacy of those first patriots who were willing to lay down their lives for the common good. We must overcome the culture of death by promoting a culture of life, a profound respect for each and every human being made in the image and likeness of God, and we must cultivate a desire to give our lives in the service of others." 
You can read the full transcript on the Boston Globe's website here.

Both the city of Boston and the town of West, Texas are in our prayers as we hold our family close and thank God for the moments He has given us.

Warm weather has tempted us out of doors this week though a cold has kept us away from others. Oh well, chalk and back porch picnics make up for it. We were without hot water again for a day this week, but I'm hoping that is all past now. I've begun some of our spring clearing and cleaning. I am attempting Simple Mom's Project Simplify, but thus far I haven't been doing all that well. Perhaps I'll combine Week 1 and 2 and just get tons done this weekend.

Out of the Mouth of Dom

Only a couple recorded quotes this week... I must be slacking. I'm sure he isn't.

"I think *he's* going to make it." Dom's thoughts on the new 'Planes' movie that Pixar is making include the fact that his uncle/my brother (who happens to be a film student) must be involved in the making of it.

"I suppose I'll have a good sleep," he tells me before I wish him a good night and leave the room.

In other news, the boy took me by surprise on Wednesday when we were outside chalking the sidewalk. All of a sudden, he just started writing letters, 5 in all. No help, no prompting - just, "Hey, mama, I just wrote an 'A'", etc.

B Updates

This boy is pushing walking and growing teeth as far back in his "important things to master/do" list as possible. He still attempts to crawl or be held as much as he can. And teeth, ha! What a joke. I just hope they're in before it's time for them to start falling out.


So, I finally started the first episode of Call the Midwife: Season Two. Love it thus far, but as I haven't yet finished it, I can't comment much.
The first 3 episodes are available for online viewing on or on their app, or you can purchase the whole season. Season 1 is available to buy in full on DVD, or if you have Netflix, you can watch it streaming. I find it a highly enjoyable series, but beware of the obvious - there are a lot of births. LegenDaddy has declined [politely] my invitations to watch it with me.
 Any other 'Call the Midwife' fans out there?


I'm on a quick read here and there pattern for books right now. I need to start digging into my reading list for 2013 and some deeper reading in general.

For the boys, we found this fun one at the library in the new section: Squid and Octopus: Friends for Always. The illustrations, of course, tempted my art-loving self, so we tried it out. The drawings proved to be totally worth it, and the four stories included within proved to be sweet tales of true friendship. My favorite one happens to be the one where squid has a dream in which he is a superhero and can do many a super feat, only to awaken and find he is his ordinary self. Octopus comes to the rescue in reminding him of all the super things he can do in real life.

I'm excited for some fun events we have on our calendar for this weekend. Hope you had a lovely weekend with your family and are enjoying springish weather wherever you may be!


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