Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monthly Wrap Up :: April

Another month flies by. This one complete with joyous Easter celebration (the Season lasts way longer than the day!), family visits, and warmer days. The playground has once again made our Top 5 places to visit as it's finally warm enough to play on the structures for more than 5 minutes. During April we celebrated St. George's Day for the first time as a family, to the great delight of the men (and boy) folk of this abode. As April included Earth Day, I shared about why we make Green lifestyle choices and gave some simple ideas as to how you can, too.

It's been such a crazy time for us as LegenDaddy finishes up his LAST Master's Class (Party to follow!) and we search for a place to move. We've really outgrown our apartment and are on the lookout to rent a house with a yard. Although I'll be sad to leave the beautiful light this place greets me with daily, I cannot wait to have a place for the boys to run around in that I don't have to drive to. This being said, the next month or two promises to be fairly busy for us. We'll make it, but being a Navy brat myself, the whole idea of moving kinda fills me with dread.

Anyhoo, here's on to capping off the month of April and looking forward to a lovely May.

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What's been Popular

My post on The Feast of St. George was by far in the lead for most popular. I love learning more about the saints themselves and special ways to celebrate them, and I am happy to share my research and ideas with you as well.

Five Favorites {Vol. 4} actually beat out the Tips for Potty Training Little Boys post by a couple views. That particular Five Favorites post wasn't really themed other than Easter/spring, I guess you could say. I've really enjoyed joining Moxie Wife weekly for the link up.

On our Bookshelf

Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries. I finally discovered several mystery authors that I love, and now I'm in the process of devouring any and everything they've written. It seems to be my style in doing that. Right now I'm making my way through two series by author Rhys Bowen: Royal Spyness Mysteries, a lighthearted set featuring Lady Georgiana Rannoch, who is 34th in line to the English throne, trained for nothing, yet is in the middle of the Great Depression and must fend for herself. She often finds herself being sent off by the Queen to take care of one matter and discovers something else mysterious as well. And then also her Molly Murphy Mysteries. Molly is a spirited Irish immigrant with high hopes for herself struggling to make a way in NYC at the turn of the 20th Century.
I love the strong female lead characters in both these series, and I fully appreciate Rhys Bowen's devotion to character development on the whole. It makes the story alongside the mystery pleasant to read and enjoy as well. As I'm now nearly finished with everything she's written, I'd love some ideas for other great mystery writers.

I'm plugging along through several other books from my reading list for 2013, but I still have a lot to go. Hopefully some summer breaks and vacation time will give me devoted time to read the more heady stuff on the list.

And that about wraps up our April. Cannot believe it's May already! Hope your May is full of beautiful flowers, sweet moments, and spurts of energy!


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