Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List 2013

Annnd, we finally have our bucket list put together. I'm a well rounded number type of person, so I this list features 40 Awesomely Fun Things To Do This Summer! The activities we chose are perfect for families, especially those with toddlers and preschools since all these things can be enjoyed by everybody. We switched it up a little from last year's list and are all prepped to attack this summer with gusto!

Here's what we'll be doing this summer:

1. Feed ducks at the Canal

2. Make milkshakes

3. Go to a splash pad/park

4. Have a BBQ with friends

5. Build a sandcastle

6. Explore a new park

7. Watch a sunset

8. Go berry picking

9. Eat ice cream at the Creamery

10. Play mini golf

11. Run through the sprinkler

12. Paint art outside

13. Make jam and can it

14. Swim in the ocean

15. Swim in a pool

16. Visit the Buffalo Zoo

17. Make a pie

18. Have a tea party

19. Watch fireworks

20. Make lemonade

21. Visit 2 new churches whilst traveling

22. Decorate the sidewalk with homemade sidewalk chalk paint

23. Catch bugs

24. Read books outside in the sun

25. DIY bubbles

26. Enjoy a Concert in the Park

27. Make a blanket fort

28. Drink slurpees

29. Buy produce at a local Farmer's Market

30. Have a water fight

31. Do the Reading Challenge with the local library

32. Eat watermelon and spit seeds

33. Make popcisles

34. Get super dirty and clean off with the garden hose

35. Learn to identify plants and trees

36. Make ice cream in a bag

37. Do a new puzzle

38. Have a Breakfast Picnic outside in PJs

39. Climb a tree

40. Make personal homemade pizzas and have a party to celebrate our family!

So, those are *Our* summer plans? What are yours? Did you make a bucket list?

For more ideas check out my Summer Activity Ideas Pinterest board! I'll be adding to it, so follow it to see some of the ideas I find.

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  1. Oh man....thats a big list!!!! Okay I will get thinking....mine def includes potty training....

    1. Potty training is a major one. I think that should count for at least ten. =)


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