Saturday, May 4, 2013

Springtime Picture Books for Preschoolers

Springtime is fully here, even for us way up north, and I figured I'd share some great reads from our bookshelf in honor of Spring days. Here are 6 of our favorites all surrounding the theme of Spring, gardens, and growth.

And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano + illustrated by Erin Stead
Featuring the lovely art of Erin Stead (of Amos McGee fame), this sweet story follows a boy and his dog as he plants seeds and waits and waits for the brown to show signs of green. A beautiful illustration of patience and how waiting for something is often worth it.

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julia Rawlinson + illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke
Fletcher, also featured in some of our favorite Autumn Reads, is astounded by all the new sights and smells spring has brought until he sees something he thought was past season... snow. He quickly alerts all his friends, and then once discovering his mistake, they all quickly forgive him and join in some springtime fun. Lovely art is brought by Tiphanie Beeke to accompany well written and thoughtful prose.

Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson + illustrated by Jane Chapman
Bear is awake from his winter slumbers, and he is HUNGRY. After stuffing himself, he heads home to where friends have set up a party for him only to discover he cannot fit through the front door due to eating so much. The lovely illustrations show all the wonders of spring (including a flower wreath atop bear's head, which reminds me of wonder days long past). A great mix of the animal's approach to spring and a tale of friendship to be had.

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
This book is a wonderful learning book for toddlers and preschoolers. With pages depicting a variety of colors and kinds of flowers, little ones can learn about the growing cycle, the rainbow of hues, and the different names of flora.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
In true Eric Carle fashion this book shows in collage style art the cycle of a seed from being a tiny seed to a fully grown plant. A great learning book - more perfect for children who are able to grasp a little more complex concepts as it is what I'd definitely classify as non-fiction. Still, it's a very colorful and delightful into to the growth cycle of plants.

Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin, Jr. + illustrated by Lois Ehlert
From the combined genius that brought readers Chicka Chicka Boom Boom comes a story great for reading aloud with its rhyming scheme. The art is colorful, vibrant, and detailed and also includes the names for the many flora and fauna depicted. Each caterpillar is a different species and has a different fate, the last becoming a butterfly.

What are your favorite springtime reads?

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  1. Sarah, I always love your book posts! These are all so cute!

    1. Thanks Christy! I figure it's always a good idea to share books that are loved. =) Happy reading!


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