Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekly Capture XLIX

Ahhh, what a glorious week.The husband and I got out for a date Sunday evening to see Macklemore in concert - quite fun though we were in the top 5% of oldest people there.

 LegenDaddy was out of town for half the week with business travels, so the boyOs + I made every effort to fill all the moments in an effort to not miss him as much. We hit up parks, visited our Museum of Play, spent time with friends, stopped in the library, ate fresh ice cream at a local creamery, fed the ducks ridiculously old bread, saw the new baby orangutan + baby goats at our zoo, and all around were pretty much non-stop for 3 days running. Though fun, we definitely tired ourselves out (mostly Mama), and then spent Thursday relaxing and Friday mostly resting.

This morning we're out to walk for Life and fundraise for a local Pregnancy Center that supports women with all their medical needs during an "unplanned" pregnancy. Then on Thursday we'll be celebrating the Feast of the Ascension with a family picnic. Otherwise, this Mama has a few outings to catch up with some friends and hopefully we'll continue to get this lovely weather and spend more time outside.

Out of the Mouth of Dom

"I'll survive with gelato."

"We got some cheese and possibly some milk. That is possibly all."

LegenDaddy: "What's the rule about sharing in our house?"
Dom: "To do that."

B Boy Can Do...
Walking AND Running. Why do one and not the other, eh? LegenDaddy headed out of town Monday morning, and B decided that'd be a fine time to start walking full time. Barely any crawling since. Yesterday walking was too common, so he added hopping to his repertoire. He now will cross himself whenever we pray, and will copy the intonations in prayers we pray often that he recognizes. It's the sweetest.

Catch up with what's been on my nightstand in our April wrap-up.
B has discovered this book on our shelf from when Dom was little, and we're loving it all over again!

I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean is a rather brilliant children's book, at least I think so, by Kevin Sherry. We have it in board book form, and I rarely can find a board book I can stand, much less like. This fulfills the latter. A silly tale of a squid who thinks he's the biggest thing in the ocean until he gets eaten by something bigger than he.

I caught up once again with Call the Midwife: Season Two, and the latest episode was one I've been dreading ever since I started watching the show. I love the series as a whole, but this latest episode dealt with the issue of birth control. I knew the show would probably project a view that did not line up with what the Church teaches and what I believe on the matter. Hence the dread. I didn't agree with the what the show attempted to say with the narrator/Jenny looking back bemoaning the fact that legal and "safe" birth control wasn't available until much later. Since I know I cannot fully agree with everything I watch, I shall be continuing in my watching of this show, but for this week... wasn't all that impressed.

Have a splendorous week! Until we meet again,

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