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6 Daddy + Me Picture Books

So, hey guys. It's Father's Day this weekend, which I am sure you know. But, what better to go with a day to celebrate Dad than a pile of awesome picture books that also celebrate that special dude. We know that reading with Dad in our house is the BEST (LegenDaddy happens to be an expert at bedtime stories), so we picked out some that are more Dad-focussed.

 Here are 6 of our favorite picture books that honor and pay homage to Daddies all over!

My Father Knows the Names of Things by Jane Yolen + illustrated by Stephane Jorisch
Daddy knowledge is amazing, especially to young minds, and in this story, a young boy is astounded by his Dad, who knows the names of bones, bugs, and even the stars. Lovely artwork, poetic writing, and a sweet story make for a fun one to check out here.

Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino
I know this book has been mentioned on the blog in the past, but hey, it's a wonderful story that needs more people to know about it, so here it is again. I love Mr. Yaccarino's bright and fun art style, and his stories are always sweet. This book tells of a young boy who gets to spend his Friday mornings having special time with his dad. They stroll through their neighborhood, ending at the diner to enjoy pancakes. Simple, but such lovely sentiments.

Papa Is a Pirate by Katharina Grossmann Hensel
A father returns home from work one day claiming that instead of the daily drudgery of an office job, he is out at sea fighting sea dragons and searching for treasure. Filled with imaginative stories about how he met the boy's mother and other tie ins with real life. A cute explanation to the questions of how mom and dad met and of what dad does while he's gone all day.

Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle
Obviously the art is simply gorgeous being done by Mr. Carle, so I think nothing more needs spoken there. Mrs. Seahorse lays her eggs upon Mr. Seahorse's belly, and then he takes a jaunt through his underwater world, where we learn about other aquatic daddies that carry and care for their babies. A beautiful story full of learning opportunities and a sweet take on each dad's devotion for their young.

Way Up High in a Tall Green Tree by Jan Peck + illustrated by Valerie Petrone
Another imaginative tale though in this one the Daddy plays a somewhat minor role. The little girl talks about the many animals she finds while in a tall, green tree until at the end, after saying "goodnight" to each of the creatures, she sees her Daddy waiting for her.

The Animal Hedge by Paul Fleischman + illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline
This one has also been featured on my blog, pretty recently in fact, but I just love it, so here it appears again. I mostly love how even though the Dad is a farmer at heart and it is his true passion, he encourages each of his sons to go and find what fulfills their longings and chase their own dreams. The sons, in turn, take the love and encouragement their father gave them and in the end, come back to bless their father with the earnings they've made.

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  1. Mo Willems' "Knuffle Bunny" books primarily feature a dad & his daughter and their relationship is very sweet amidst the humor of the stories.

    As a kid we had a Little Golden Book called "We Help Daddy" that always reminded me of puttering around the yard when my dad was home on summer weekends.

    I love your selections and will have to look for these.

    1. I think that might be the only Mo Willems book we haven't read (I swear we've read almost every Pig and Elephant adventure!). I'll have to check it out next library trip!
      And I think we might have had that same Little Golden Book when I was little. Thanks for the reminder. =)


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