Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Five Favorites {Vol. 14}

A pleasant, fast paced week with some exciting news that I'll share in Friday's weekly wrap-up (Stay tuned!). For now I leave you with some summer must-haves for me, a sentimental thought, and two ways to start uproariously laughing.


I love how much LegenDaddy loves on our boys and how they love on him right back. It's the sweetest thing to watch him start to do push-ups and both boys to jump right in (one on top, and one weaving his way through LD's arms). Or at night as they cuddle in a heap to read their favorite stories. Or on Father's Day how, although it was *his* day, LegenDaddy jumped right in to make the day run smoothly - including making a fancy breakfast for us all. I have much to learn in the ways of celebrating Father's Day apparently. It's just such a wonderful thing for me as the Mama to see the love go back and forth between my husband and my boyOs.


Have you seen these yet?!? If not, I entreat, nay command, thee to stop and watch. A dad reenacts actual conversations he has had with his 2 year old daughter with another man taking the place of his daughter. Hilarious and creepy, and hilarious all over again.


My newest pair of sunglasses. It's about bi-annually that I purchase myself a pair of sunglasses. I think this pair might be the 2nd I've actually bought since getting married (and that was nearly 5 years back). I'm loving them though, so you get to *love* them, too, this week. Also, to be noted you'll see them ALOT as I'm switching profile pictures right and left to bring out a more summery feel. Sorry if you're over my new sunglasses sooner than I am. I'll still love them.


Sparkling water, cold of course, is my go to drink in the summer. Mostly because I cannot drink iced coffee all the time. I stopped drinking soda permanently last year, so this is my close excuse to get the bubbly taste (feel?), and in the warm days, it's just super refreshing.

And one more guffaw for good measure. This Post (titled: Conversations with Julia) from Grace at Camp Patton is just too funny. I was literally laughing whist reading. I often chuckle inside, but barely ever does something I read actually make me laugh out loud. This did. It's something about truly taking the time to listen to those little ones when they talk because they truly say the darndest things.

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  1. Ahhh, those sunglasses are amazing! So fresh and summery :)

    1. I know aren't they?!? Nothing like a fun pair o sunglasses to bring on the summery!

  2. I totally LOL'd over those Julia-isms, too

  3. Oh my goodness - I'm DYING here after watching the Convos With My 2 Year Old. Episode 2 was at least a 7 on the creep factor scale though...Also the Conversations with Julia had me laughing out loud. Thanks for the heads up on both of those!

    1. So glad I'm not the only one laughing my head off.

      And, yes at least a 7 on the creep factor scale for that one.


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