Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monthly Wrap Up :: May

May, May, May. Wow - that month went by fast! We got a few weeks of over the top HOT weather where the highs were nearly in the 90s. Was it that hot where you live? We held ourselves back from putting in the window AC units but just barely. Presently the weather has cooled itself to a perfectly "normal" 70s, which is ever so much more perfect for the beginning of summer.

LegenDaddy finished up his Master's class and now is plugging into some research and writing. I am revamping some of my photography business (yet another of my jobs is SGO Photography if you didn't know) and prepping our homeschooling to be a learning, fun-filled summer that is mostly lax but still productive. The boyOs are loving life with the warmer days (especially when it means a lack of clothes!). Our sensory bins are getting a major workout with water, food coloring, baking soda, vinegar, and so forth. It's been great!

The Summer should be an exciting time around here on the blog. I have several things to share with you as well as a Giveaway coming up - be on the lookout for details! Keep in touch this summer, but also take every opportunity to enjoy your kiddos this season. Build sandcastles, eat picnic meals, celebrate family, and smile often! Happy June!

What's Been Popular

Our Summer Bucket List 2013 has been by far the most popular post! Check it out to see what we will be making a part of our activity calendar these next few months, and maybe even get a few ideas for your own summer!

Coming up in 2nd, 25 Simple Ways to Go Green - an April post but one that is gaining increasing views thanks to the ever awesomeness of Pinterest.

A Visual Recap


From Our Bookshelf

I'm working on acquiring some books from My 2013 Book List, so I can read them this summer. I'll also be sharing some books I'm adding to my specific Summer List - I'd love to hear your recommendations for fun reads for this summer!

Little Hoot by Amy Krouse Rosenthal + illustrated by Jen Corace
A new addition to the family library, this book is a twist on the bedtime fight. Instead of wanting to stay up, Little Hoot begs and pleads to go to bed. His parents insist that he stay up one more hour to play. Little Hoot complies knowing those are the house rules, but as soon as his hour is up, he passes out. A silly book with fun illustrations!

That Is Not a Good Idea! by Mo Willems
The perfect introduction to ironic literature for a child. Even LegenDaddy and I think this one is hilarious. The ever repeated tale of a fox and a goose ending in a pot of soup is told in an all new way. Illustrations imitate early films with the dialogue appearing on all black pages in between the pictures. Definitely an entertaining book for a wide variety of age, and probably my favorite thus far from children's book legend, Mo Willems. I think this one will make it into our collection someday soon.

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